LG Flex – The First Curved Smartphone

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LG has always been known to bring about smart changes and innovation. With LG Flex, LG has made a foray in an entirely new field. As far as the form factor is concerned, this phone is a winner by all means and rightly so, as it is the first curved, flexible smartphone that the world has seen.

The Engineer’s Brain Child

This model by LG is a triumph of engineering principles. Not only does it offer you a curved and flexible screen, but at the same time, you will also be able to enjoy high end OLED display which is electrifyingly brilliant.

The Key Features

Speaking of the top features which this phone has to offer, we will list some of the key points here.
With a 6 inch curved OLED screen, you can enjoy an extremely impressive view of the different pictures and videos. The form factor of this model has been greatly praised by many because of the kind of innovation it uses.

To make space for the curved design, the battery has been curved too. The battery gracefully fits into the back side and its performance is good too. The battery rating is 3500 mAh which means that your phone is going to last for long. It is non removable and offers a standby time of up to 720 hours.

Even when it comes to the CPU configuration, this model seems to be packed with powerful specifications as it runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. The processor is clocked at 2.26 GHz and if you love to multitask, you are not going to face any issues. The phone does offer lightning fast performance as your apps will run at dazzling speed.

The Stunning Camera

If you are a photographer, you are not going to be disappointed by LG Flex for the simple reason that the 13 megapixels camera offers some of the finest shots with great clarity. The camera has been brilliantly designed and even in nighttime, you will be able to take clear pictures.

Though some users have expressed a little disappointment at the camera as they wanted better and improved features yet the overall output seems to be impressive.

There are various other features that have been boxed into this device and it seems to be a smartly engineered, well planned model by LG. It is definitely the curved design that has created the maximum buzz for this phone.

The Price Factor

It is priced extremely high which makes people question their decision of investing in LG Flex. While the phone does boast of some of the best features and high end specifications, not every one can afford it.

If you have money to spare and you can afford LG Flex, it looks to be a good choice because the design is smart, stylish and innovative. The features too will offer you good value for your money, but you might be a little disappointed, given the high end pricing.
LG is hopeful that its modern and stylish looks along with brilliant features are enough to ring up ample sales.

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