Moto G vs. Micromax Canvas A116 Canvas HD – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

The Moto G is one of the success stories from Motorola, after they have undergone a lot of changes in recent years.

This Motorola device is not without its competition, which comes in the form of Micromax Canvas A116 Canvas HD. It is especially popular in regions like India.


It is easy to see why the Micromax Canvas A116 Canvas HD appeals to a lot of people. The large 5 inch display is of the same size as the display found in high end devices like the HTC One M8 and the Sony Xperia Z2. Even though it may offer only a 720p resolution, it is more than sufficient to provide a pixel density close to that of the iPhone 5S. The Moto G features a slightly smaller 4.5 inch display, but it also comes with the 720p resolution. Even though the pixel density is slightly higher on the Motorola phone, the margin is not too huge.

Since both phones come with the IPS panel for the screen, they offer excellent viewing angles. The contrast ratio of the IPS panel has also improved massively and it is now close to that of the Super AMOLED screen found on the Samsung phones, which continue to remain the benchmark in terms of brightness and contrast. The Moto G comes with the superior Gorilla glass 3 protection for the display, whereas the Micromax Canvas A116 Canvas HD offers only scratch resistant glass.


A big difference between the Micromax Canvas A116 Canvas HD and the Moto G is in the memory, with the former, offering only 4 GB of internal memory, compared to the eight or 16 GB internal memory variants. However, micromax redeems itself by offering microSD card support to up to 32 GB. This feature is absent on the Moto G. Hence, it is possible to expand the memory of the Micromax Canvas A116 Canvas HD beyond the levels offered by the Moto G.


Moto G loses out heavily in terms of the camera because of its five megapixel shooting ability compared to the megapixel shooting capability of the Micromax Canvas A116 Canvas HD. Feature wise, they are similar in aspects like LED flash, autofocus, and face detection. However, Moto G offers a better camera interface coupled with stereo sound recording and HDR modes. Such additional offerings made the camera a little slow in taking pictures, but Google has since rectified those problems with software updates.

Operating System

Motorola’s sale is yet to be completed by Google. As a result, the Moto G is one of the first phones to receive the android 4.4 upgrade after initially coming with the 4.3 version. Even though the Canvas A116 Canvas HD does not offer much overlays, to this operating system, it right now supports only up to 4.2 version.

Both phones feature batteries rated at around the 2000 mAh mark with the Moto G being slightly higher at 2070 mAh. Both phones are priced around $200 making them excellent value for money.

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