Asphalt 8: Top Features of the New Game

Asphalt 8: Airborne, the eighth edition of the highly successful Asphalt franchise developed by Gameloft, has lived up to its promise of delivering great racing action and highly different mechanics, as compared to other games by adding an entirely different set of features and great graphics to boast about.

The game has already been released and has been well received by the Asphalt series fans. The addition of the ability to fly during jumps, perform tricks and score points has been a game changer for Asphalt 8 and it has placed it firmly on the top of the racing games. The real world settings, great environment, open world play, a large number of classic cars to choose from, various modes, a plethora of routes and a host of other features have conspired together to make this product from Gameloft much different from its predecessors and contemporaries.

Great Steady Controls

The first great feature to notice about this game is the easy to operate controls of the game, which form the base and also make it easy to play for a large number of people. The game has minimum controls with the player turning the car by tilting the phone in the required direction and the car is always on the ‘accelerate’ mode. The nitrous boost can be reached on the right side of the screen and there is plenty of it available throughout the game; so you don’t have to worry about the cylinder getting empty. The brakes are on the left of the screen, though you won’t need them much, except for performing drifts and sharp turns while the nitrous is on. Such simple controls yet awesome graphics and handling make it a popular game amongst all people.

A Variety of Unique Cars to Choose From

The beauty of any racing game lies in its cars and Asphalt 8 has plenty of it. The game offers forty seven different cars to choose from and each one is unlocked as you proceed with the game. The cars can be bought with the money, which you earn by racing and if you are in an addiction to leave others behind in the game, you can even buy extra packs for the car with real money. The cars include the Monster, Bugatti and the stylish Lamborghini, among other very gorgeous and strong names. All the cars are accessible once you are able to pay for them and in there lies the pull of the game, as you have to be really good in order to earn the best cars. One of the primary attractions of Asphalt 8 lies in its handsome array of cars.

The Multiplayer Modes

The game has gone entirely multiplayer and it now allows you to race with your friends over the Wi-Fi connection or play with random people over the internet. In the latter case, people vote for the track and the class and accordingly the game is started. Since racing is all about competition, the multiplayer modes make the game play all the more interesting and fun.

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