Nokia X2 Specs – Microsoft’s Android Smartphone

Microsoft has recently acquired the smartphone business end of Nokia and could launch the X2 Android based phone. The phone will be powered by the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version. One last move made by Nokia, before Microsoft purchased the phone division, was to announce three Android devices, the X, the X+ and the XL, being the last Finnish gifts. Just before this purchase by Microsoft took place, Nokia had released the Nokia X and the X+ using Android Open Source Project. It made use of an app store that was Nokia powered and not Google Play.

It seems that Microsoft will continue the strategy of making use of the Nokia X line of smartphones to be picked up by the middle end users. It will cater to users who want the best of both worlds. They want to use vetted Android applications and also get a sturdy phone, which is both affordable and has a reliable software system.

Low End Segment

Nokia had launched many low-budget phones, the X, the XL, which were well received for the build quality, better battery life and the dual SIM options. Seeing the success of these Android based phones, Microsoft is coming out with a new Android smartphone, aimed at the middle segment. The first generation of the Android phones from Nokia were also aimed at the lower end of the market and the successor does not seem to be different. The original Nokia X is a budget smartphone with a 4 inch WVGA display, 512 MB RAM and 4GB storage. It has a battery of 1500 mAh and a support for dual SIM. The camera is a 5 MP rear facing one.

Nokia X2

The device is a Nokia device, the X2, coming with a display screen of 4.3 inches and a resolution of 480 x 800p. The device also has a primary camera of 5 MP and a front camera of 0.3 MP. A processor of dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, powers the phone, clocked at 1.2 GHz. It has a RAM of 1 GB and runs on the Android 4.3 version OS. The internal storage will be 4 GB. The X2 seems to be very similar to the Nokia X, but there are differences in the specifications related to the camera and the hardware. The processor is slightly faster and it has more RAM, along with a bigger display, when compared to the Nokia X.

Forked Version of Android

All the X range of mobile phones operates on the Android OS. However, it runs on a forked version of Android. The operating system is based on the Google code, but Nokia makes use of its X software platform 1.0. Such versions will not be able to bring in Google applications. These apps can be installed in the device, but this will make the warranty on the handset void.

A Great Combination

Nokia is well-known for making sturdy smartphones and great hardware. When this is combined with Google’s Android platform, which is the most popular OS for mobile phones, the result can be great. The phone also gets tied in with the ecosystem of Microsoft, which makes it unique. The word Android used besides Microsoft makes it a powerful combination using top brand names. This could be dynamite. There may be some issues with Microsoft supporting an Android build, but the combination could bring many more users to the cloud services of Microsoft. By using Android, Microsoft gets many advantages, as it is able to offer users, a wide variety of third-party applications and developers.

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