Is the Mobile Game 2048 Worth Your Time?

Looking to play a game that will sharpen your mind and allow you to exercise your brain cells?

You should check out 2048 as it is an extremely addicting number puzzle game. If you haven’t played the game before, here we will acquaint you with the same.

The Game Play

If you are wondering as to what the game essentially is, it revolves around adjusting the numbered tiles in such a way that you can finally achieve a tile with a score of 2048.

As soon as you have two same numbered tiles lying adjacent to each other, they merge into one and a new tile is created with a number equal to the sum of two tiles. You need to repeat the process again until you finally have a tile numbered 2048.

Is The Game Easy To Play?

This is definitely by no means easy. While it may seem to be easy at the start when  you are mixing single digit numbers, but the difficulty will keep on increasing as you progress ahead.

Many a times, you will fail to find any possible move and this is why the game really stresses your mind and puts a lot of pressure on it. Those who love mind games are definitely going to cherish what this game brings to the table.

This is the only game in Google play store compatible with almost all devices having android OS 2.2 and more.

Graphics and User Interface

If you are expecting some brilliant graphics, you may be disappointed. This isn’t a fancy game with some of the brightest shades and catchy graphics. The style and design of the game has been kept simple because the main focus is to allow your mind to exercise. You will love what this game brings to you as far as sharpening your intellectual skill is concerned.

Compete With Friends

Apart from showing off your brilliant intellectual sharpness, you also have the option of leader board. This allows you to check the progress of your friends and analyze your own scores. There are some extremely interactive and brilliant features that are a part of this game. Even after you have managed to get the 2048 tile, you can still keep playing to score higher and thereby beat your friends.

A night mode has been developed, mainly to allow you to play easily during night. Further, you also have the multiplayer option which makes it easier for you to challenge your friends and have quick brainstorming session together.

As this game is available for free download, you should play it at least once to try and see how you like it. If you have a fascination for numbers and love playing such games, this is by far one of the most addicting games you will ever find.

The brilliant features, simple minimalistic design along with the interface offered by 2048 makes it a popular choice among gamers. Try and find the easy ways of merging the tiles and getting desired 2048 in the count.

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