iPhone 6 – Rumor to Unveil the Latest Apple in August

Apple Incorporated has officially announced the release of its latest smartphone in August, a month ahead of people’s expectations.

The rumor has been supplied by anonymous sources. However, no such confirmation has been made by the company itself or any other reliable sources. However, another rumor goes that the Reuters has confirmed that the statement made by Apple Incorporated as being correct. Until the truth is revealed, it would be seen as a rumor.

However, the confirmed information is that the next generation iPhone product would be known as iPhone 6 or the iPhone Air. The much-awaited smartphone is expected to come equipped with 4.7 inch display that is larger than the presently installed 4 inch display on the company’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S.

Apple Incorporated has been quick to follow up with its announcement of the iPhone 6 release and disclosed the release of another 5.5 inch or 5.6 inch phablet in the month of September.

There are continuous rumors on the much awaited 4.7 inch variant of the Apple Inc. The design of the expected iPhone 6 is rumored to be similar to that of the iPad Mini tablet. The latest iPhone 6 is expected to come equipped with a state of the art iOS 8 operating system. Other features that are expected to come in the iPhone 6 are wellness hub and the Healthbook fitness. Rumors go rampant with the Apple Company incorporating its latest release with a custom-made 64-bit Apple A8 chipset.

Finally, the analysts of the company have seen handsets with larger displays taking a major share from what used to be the Apple market. The company is aiming to win back the crowd from its arch rivals, Samsung Electronics. Apple Incorporated has been the single most company earning profits from the market. However, of late, the company has not been doing so well in the international market with the volume of sale of its handsets. Only time can tell, if the release of the much-awaited iPhone 6 smartphone would turn the tide in Apple’s favor or not.

Apple logo rumored to be notification light

The market is full of general leaks giving us an idea of what would be the external design of the most awaited iPhone 6 smartphone. However, the Apple Incorporated has been very secretive with its new releases. Therefore, there is still some room for an element of surprise, for the masses. One surprise expected to hit the masses is regarding the Apple logo fitted at the back of the device. The rumor goes that the Apple logo is expected to be a notification light.

The rumor also goes that it may even light up. There is no confirmation, as of now, regarding such a rumor spreading in the market. However, the images of the iPhone 6 reveal that the new plastic logo at the back of the device is thin enough to let the light pass through it. As said earlier, there is room for another surprise from the company and Apple Incorporated may add a little flare to its iOS smartphones.


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