Minecraft Xbox One Release Date Is Close, PS4 Game Submitted For Testing

4J Studios, the developer of the Minecraft Xbox One edition and other console editions have officially confirmed that they are done fixing bugs on the Playstation 4 game.

It has now been submitted to Sony for certification testing process and could release any time soon. This news obviously confirms that the team will now have nothing else to focus on except to bring the Xbox One edition to new generation console owners who are eagerly waiting with their axes arched up high. Just some time ago, the developer said that the number of bugs found in the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PS Vita editions are too high that they need more time to fix it.

Then out of the blue, they announced that the Sony game is all-ready and has been tested for submission. While some Microsoft console owners might find this news a bit annoying, it should also be noted that the Playstation 3 version of the game came a year later than the Xbox 360. So, this time 4J wants to make sure they balance things and release it in time for all the platforms. The PS Vita is definitely going to be given the third priority and we assume that within a week or so, the game should reach Microsoft for certificate testing.

Bug Fixing Is Ongoing

The Minecraft Xbox One edition is at the moment being fixed along with the PS Vita edition. The new generation console got released a couple of months ago in 2013, but even though it’s been so long since its official release, games are very limited on the platform. Besides, players want titles like Minecraft and Assassin’s Creed, besides other basics, so as to test the raw power of the new hardware.

The wait is long, but by the month of October, there will be at least half a dozen games to play, on your new Xbox One console and before the end of December, there are going to be another dozen, to add to your collection. 4J didn’t make any official statement with regards to the Xbox One version of the game, but we assume from their earlier statement that they are still fixing things to get the game out in time. We just hope it isn’t too long from now to explore the new world which is said to be multiple times bigger than the one people enjoyed, on the Xbox 360 platform.

Bundled Upgrades

When Minecraft Xbox One edition launches, it is going to come bundled with all the new additions, including Title Update 14 and Title Update 15. You will have access to trading with NPC villagers, getting emeralds, and others that are already available on the Xbox 360 console. The PC version done by Mojang directly usually receives upgrades quicker, but the latest console from Microsoft shares the same system architecture. Given this fact, it could change now when most updates released on the PC make their way to the Xbox One, within a week or so, rather than the months that it took in the past.

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