FIFA 15 Will Not Feature Trade Offers In Ultimate Team Mode

With the release date of FIFA 15 getting closer, Electronic Arts is making some changes to the game to make sure players experience optimal experience when it officially launches.

They have announced recently that one of the key features in the game, the ability to trade offers will be disabled in the Ultimate Team mode. The company clarified that this rule is being implemented to make sure there are no fraudulent activities being encouraged in the name of trade where people usually bribe the in-game currency for various reasons. Such steps will ensure that the matches are fair in multiplayer modes and no cheating occurs.

Trading System

The trading system which is in place in the FIFA series is an exchange system that allows players to easily trade in-game items, coins, players, in-game currency as well as exchange their team with other friends. The Trade Offers feature supported this exchange which will now be disabled, particularly in the Ultimate Team mode.

Because of this system, in the previous games, many coin sellers emerged who illegally started trading currency between accounts. Electronic Arts wants to strictly curb such piracy and have removed the feature. They are also planning to disable and ban any accounts which are associated with this coin selling which leads to phishing and hacking.

In the past, these fake accounts have been cheating players by inflating auction bids for a specific period and later draining their accounts out of cash because of this false alarm. We really hope that this changes the game and allows only legitimate people to take part in the game, than malware developers and cheaters.

New Revised Rules

In the Ultimate Team terms and conditions, EA has added some new rules for FIFA 15. The changes to the cheating policy are that coin buyers will be given three strikes. If they continue to cheat and not comply with the policies, they will be permanently booted from FIFA online play. Sellers will also be facing harsh penalties and if they are cheating a lot, they are bound to be banned from all future EA games. This ban will be implemented under the coin selling and farming section which will block them access to all their game accounts, even if they own them. We expect more such changes happening to FIFA 15 as the company wants to change the game more user-friendly. It definitely has some great features to look forward to as well.

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