Gmail – Still the King of Internet Mail

Most Internet users prefer Gmail, as it is well organized and useful for sending voluminous messages.

Gmail continues to remain the king of Internet mail for several reasons.

Stacking and Organizing

Gmail organizes your conversations in threads by stacking them together. As messages are received and sent, mails are automatically set together on the basis of the subject line, irrespective of the age or the time of the conversation. When a person replies to you, the service will automatically bring up all the previous connected or related messages for reference. This is done in the form of a collapsible thread and offers a convenient review of whatever has been discussed previously on the subject. The user does not have to go through older folders on the subject and see what was discussed some weeks or even months ago. This is a very valuable feature, for business managers, organizers, professionals and anyone who communicates on a daily or regular basis with many others and wants to keep an accurate track of the conversation.

Checking Virus and Malware

Gmail offers invaluable features for checking out malware and viruses. It is able to eliminate 99.9% of computer risks or infection from viruses. The attachments from files are saved on the Gmail servers. Google is also constantly updating the software for detecting malware to offer the latest protection to users. If some malware does somehow manage to get into the inbox, Gmail immediately issues a warning and the offensive item is quarantined to keep the system clean.

One Stop Portal

Gmail offers much more than merely a messaging service or an emailing service. It is a one-stop portal for storing files, hosting photos, YouTube blogging, getting financial advice, and a lot of other features. All the main services are combined in the navigation bar, so it is very easy to access all of them from a single interface. You can share files, read the news, see YouTube memes, surf the web and do so much more right from the basic interface or from the bar on the top of the window.

Storage Space

Gmail offers 10GB of free storage space, which is much more than what people normally need. Users feel happy that they don’t need to delete anything in a hurry. They can continue to hang on to their emails if they want. On the other hand, if you are a clean freak, you can tag or archive the emails that are read, so that they disappear from the inbox, but are still available when you want them.

High Email Capacity

Gmail supports a high email capacity of 25 MB. Most people might not have the need for such a large capacity. However, it can be useful for sending photographs and for any other big files.

Rich Features for Text

Gmail offers rich text features with many fonts and colors, bullets, hyperlinks and emoticons and so on. You can also paste photos in a message for beautiful or professional looking documents.

Google Power

Gmail has the Google power and offers a powerful brand. The service gets a full time maintenance offering a respectable domain name and other extra benefits. These are in the form of Google Maps, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, and Google Drive and so on. All these related services are available at one’s fingertips when using Gmail. Gmail is also very fast and delivers messages quickly. The competition takes anywhere around 30 seconds to even a few minutes for posting the messages to recipients, whereas Gmail is able to deliver messages within a few seconds of pressing Send.

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