WeChat – A Social Networking App with an Edge over the Competition

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WeChat offers an excellent networking application, which is convenient and also fun to use.

There are many such social apps that allow users to connect with friends and send them messages, and among them, WeChat has been garnering a lot of attention of late. Let’s find out whether the app is worth downloading.

Features and Interface

The interface of WeChat is not very simple and takes some time to get used to. For instance, you can find the names of all your contacts on the home screen of the app. These will be contacts that also have the application downloaded on their devices. Users can easily start a conversation with any of these by tapping on a particular name. The conversation can also be converted into a group chatting session, by merely clicking on the face icon to be seen on the upper right corner of the screen. When you click on the keyboard icon, you can start typing out the message. The keyboard icon is also a speaker icon that is used for sending voice messages when you are using the keyboard.

Sending Voice Messages

Voice messages can be sent by holding on to the Hold to Talk button and keeping it pressed till the message is complete. Release the button in order to send the message. The messages can be of a length of one-minute duration. You can also cancel a particular voice-recording message with the use of an upward swipe.

Additional Options

There is a plus sign found near the keyboard icon, which can be used for some more options. You can use options for sending images and video or location, emoticons and name cards and also for live chatting and making video calls. The video call offers a good quality and you can even toggle from video to audio call, in case you are not satisfied with the quality and then back again. This is a very advantageous feature when the network connection is not so good. The chat features also allow users to send files from desktop to the phone and vice versa. The files can be downloaded on your phone and you can then share it with contacts through the application. WeChat allows users to send audio and video files along with text and photographs. A live chat feature is available, which makes it similar to Hangout.

Fun Filled Options

There are also some fun filled options and features, such as the Shake, Look Around and Moments along with Drift Bottle, QQ Contacts and several others. For instance, Look Around feature enables connection with other WeChat users, according to your location. The Shake feature enables connection with others, but this feature does not depend on the location. When you shake your device, it will automatically show you the profiles of other people or users who also shake the device at the same time, making it possible for you to connect with them. Moments is an interesting feature, rather like a wall. You can put up pictures and then select the contacts that can view the pictures. When the user uploads these pictures on the wall, he can also make use of filters on the images to improve them. The app also offers options for connecting to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, where you can share the Moments.

Controlling Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings can be controlled in all aspects. Under the tab for privacy settings, users are able to disable any options. For instance, they can disable options so that other users or strangers may not be able to contact them. Any other feature that you don’t like can also be disabled in this way through the Privacy settings. The Features tab can also be used for disabling some features, like the Shake feature or the Look Around feature, so that strangers will not be able to contact you.

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