Adobe Flash Player 12 – Will It Be Lucky for Adobe?

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Early in 2014, Adobe launched the new, improved version of its Flash Player in the form of Adobe Flash Player 12 along with AIR 4.0.

This version came with several updates and fixes made for a secure and creative digital multimedia experience. Several improved features are listed below-

Stage3D Creation of Context 3D with Profile Array

New modes have been launched that allow graphics to be viewed in the much anticipated 3D form. The conversion of 2D to 3D is now not only the work of experts, but can be done by anyone due to the added features. An easier 3D view means that users can enhance their gaming experience in both 2D and 3D without compromising on the virtual interaction.

Better Packaging Engine

Despite being featured in the BETA mode, the iOS packaging time has improved up to ten times the previous packager.

Improved Stability Across Platforms

The user complaints of repeated crashing in the previous versions have been addressed. Adobe Flash Player 12 works effortlessly switching from Mac to Windows, on laptops or smart phones, and even the ancient phones with internet access. The AIR also supports Android 4.4 (KitKat) and the combination of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 is also supported.

Webcam Support with Play Effects

Installing the Adobe Flash Player 12 means a fun integration with your webcam that not only improves the appearance of your live streaming, but also makes way for several animations that are possible only through Adobe Flash Player 12.

A Variety of Games to Be Accessed

AIR 4.0 allows users to access previews of games hitting the internet blocks. Be it on the Google Play Store or any other channel, Flash supports gaming on multiple platforms. Gamers are able to delve deeper into exploring all animation possibilities with Flash Player giving way for more abstract ideas that can be viewed and interacted with easily by the average user!

Automatic Updates

Adobe Flash Player 12 can be downloaded and installed on Mac iOS or Windows using any of the browsers, wherein Chrome automatically keeps in sync with the updates. The new version also allows for an option that the user can select if he wants any further updates to run automatically.

Malware Protection and Security Updates

Version 12 of Adobe Flash Player does not allow any spamming or malicious software to access the content on your computer, so you can say bye-bye to those undesirable pop ups and extensions that magically added themselves on your browser! Also, a feedback from the system administrator has been enabled to ensure a smooth workflow between your system and Flash.

Graphics – Buffer Usage Flag for Stage3D

Context3D Buffer Usage is a new class that has been added and can be used to define two constants. These constants can be used to specify the type of the buffer that the developer needs to use according to his needs.

Rightly called the freeware, Adobe Flash Player 12 gives you the quintessential multimedia experience clubbed with utmost security.


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