Destiny Gets Exclusive Features for Playstation and Xbox

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With only a couple of weeks to go before launch, its Destiny fever everywhere and the game is going to offer a whole lot of exclusive features specifically for Playstation and Xbox console.

In a newly released trailer, the developers revealed some exciting information and the exclusive content that Sony platforms are going to receive. Even though it’s a multiplatform game that is coming to major consoles, both companies have tie-ups with the game developer Bungie to make sure they deliver something extra. The new video from Activision in association with Bungie revealed what Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 console owners would receive access to.

Playstation Exclusive Content

For players who already own any of the two Playstation consoles, Destiny will offer an exclusive Exodus multiplayer Blue competitive map. They will also get Strike – which is a supportive game mode set in Mars, in an area named as Dust Palace. If you love to customize your character often and would want access to some great content, the Bungie game got you covered. The developers are offering some great gear sets that are specific to each class. For the Titans, there will be the Vanir gear set, Argus for Hunter class and people who prefer to play as Warlock will get Manifold on the Playstation console.

The list doesn’t end there, because if you are a Sony fan, you will also have special weapons, namely the Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon and the Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle. In the official website, the company has detailed about the power of these weapons, their special actions and how they could help you change the battle in fierce matches. The developer has also confirmed that all these exclusives are not permanently associated with Sony but are only timed. They are expected to find their way to the Microsoft console, by fall 2015. Some more exclusive Playstation content will be available when the game gets its first two expansion packs.

Pre-Download Destiny on Xbox One

In another official statement from the Microsoft stable, it has been confirmed that you will be able to pre-order as well as pre-download Destiny on to your Xbox One console. In the Gamescom 2014 event that took place recently, Microsoft announced that the feature will be implemented with titles like FIFA 15 and Forza Horizon 2. Madden NFL 15 already uses the pre-download concept with the new console. This way, players will be able to significantly reduce the time spent in downloading the game after it gets released.

As soon as you pre-order the game, the download will begin and the game will occupy the necessary space on your Xbox One console. There will be a locking system in place, until the official release date, after which your installation will commence instantly. It’s a milestone that Microsoft has achieved which we hope to see in multiple titles that get released before the end of 2014. The option is open for players worldwide, but the actual file size of Destiny has not been revealed yet.

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