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Try to contact your friends using Facebook Messenger. Instantly reach the people you care about. Just download it from the net and install in on your phone. You can also have it on your computer if you don’t want to use a browser. Yes, it can be installed, whether on mobile or PC. It is an application which can be minimized on your tray when not in use. You can use it for both text and voice communication. Its portable software is intended for easy use. This app is available for all operating systems.

Get in Touch

You might be missing someone or just want to talk with your friends. You can use it to chat in private or in group. Talk about any topics you want using this free communication app. It is fast and has no delays in sending or receiving messages. The chat continues in the background even if you open other applications. You can play games or do typing work while chatting because it is very convenient for users and allows for more flexible multitasking.

There is also a feature wherein you can check whether your messages have been read or not. It is added for you to know if the person you are chatting with is ignoring you or is simply away from the keyboard. There’s also an indicator if your friend is online or offline. You will see a green dot beside the person’s name if he is online. It can also indicate if your friends are using mobile or PC.

Free calls

Facebook Messenger allows you to call anyone you desire whether local or domestic. No matter how far, it is within your reach through this application. It is free, fast and clear. Just add a contact to your friend list or just type the person’s number. It is created to allow you to communicate more at a minimal cost. Have your phone or computer connected to the internet, and then you can make unlimited calls. You are able to record voice calls if you want to.

Bring Message to Life

Facebook has added emoticons in its messaging app. You can have your own emoticons if you want to express more of yourself. Expression is important in communication and the emoticons add more interest and get rid of boring chats. Use colorful icons with different emotions and have fun. It doesn’t take much of your time to load these emoticons.

Private Photo Sharing

Share your moments online and have them discussed. You can send photos of your everyday life privately to someone. It is enabled to have more functions other than messaging and voice calls. You can also send or receive as many free images as you want. No hidden charges within.

As long as you have the internet, Facebook Messenger is 100% free. Stay in touch with its fast, secured and reliable service. You can turn on or off notifications and can stay online for as long as you want; so you’ll never miss a message. This application is just 50 MB in size and doesn’t use much memory on your mobile. It is run by java and supported by all operating systems. Enjoy these fantastic features and create more bonding moments in the online world.

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