iPhone 6 – Latest Updates, Rumors and Leaks for Apple Fans before Sep 9 Release

There have been several leaks regarding the iPhone 6 specifications, features and its design, in the past few months.

The latest leak is actually a video, made by Feld and Volk and shows a fully functional 4.7 inch device that should be the iPhone 6. However, the device in the video is not actually the iPhone 6, rather than a device assembled and put together with leaked parts.

The handset in the video is in silver color, and is connected to an iMac. The device displays the “Connect to iTunes screen once booted up”. In the video, the user is not able to get past this part, as the iMac shows an error. Later in the video, Feld and Volk show both the iPhone 6 and its predecessor (iPhone 5S), side by side, showing the same screen.

Is the device a genuine iPhone 6 or assembled parts?

There are several evidences pointing to the fact that the device on the video is not the iPhone 6 made by Apple, rather a device assembled from leaked parts. First and foremost, the device in the video runs on the iOS 7. As rumored, the iPhone 6 will premier and run on the iOS 8. The color of the iTunes logo on the device in the video is blue and white, which is exactly the color used in the iOS 7. The iTunes logo in the iOS 8 will be orange and white. Another proof is the fact that the logo appears higher on the screen than where the display starts. This means that the software in the device in the video is geared for a handset with smaller display.

However, nobody declines the fact that the parts used in the video are genuine and authentic Apple’s parts. The design of the device is similar to what was previously linked. The only difference is the inclusion of curved edges and buttons on the sides. You can also notice a power button and SIM card slot on the right.

Previous rumors regarding specifications

Feld and Volk have leaked photos of Apple’s devices in the past. They seem to have strong connections with Apple. The company posted the image of the logic board that is expected to be used in the 4.7 inch iPhone 6. That image helped identify the specs of the iPhone6, including the A8 processor, 1 GB RAM memory, Qualcomm LTE modem and the NFC chip. The inclusion of NFC technology is in line with several leaks before.

Everything will be cleared in just few days from now. Apple has scheduled the exclusive event for September 9. Everyone expects the event to be about the new, iPhone 6, even though Apple hasn’t revealed the topic of the event. Stay tuned.

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