Establishing a Connection between Talkatone and Your Google Voice Number

With voice calling apps ruling the market with various interesting deals, you may be left to wonder how to pick up the one that best suits you.

Talkatone is one such app that you can use on your smartphone to make calls to people across the globe. A key difference from other communications apps is that you can use this app to communicate with other people who do not have the app installed on their phones. You can interact with friends through calls, messages and social sharing. It is also worth noting that you can use Talkatone on iPhones (versions 3GS, 4, 4S and 5); Android 2.2; iPod and iPad. When you connect with Facebook, you get bonus free credits.

Linking Talkatone with Your Google Account

When you sign up for a Talkatone account, you will be assigned a number. Bear in mind that this is the number that you will be using till you are successfully done with porting your Google Voice number with the app. This number is actually a US number. Also during the sign up process, you must remember to register for both outgoing and incoming calls. This porting can be done only if you are using Talkatone of versions 3 or higher.

While it was earlier possible for you to use Talkatone with Google Voice or Google Chat, this service has now been permanently terminated. Those who have been availing this service are required to transition to a new account. It is however possible to forward your Google Voice number to this new number.

To port your Google Voice number, go to the unlocking page on Google and sign in using your Google Voice number. You can then place the requisition for unlocking this number. It is worth noting that this is not a free service and Google charges a nominal fee for the same. After unlocking, Google will send you a confirmation message. This may take some time. When you receive the message, you must send a porting request through e-mail to Talkatone. Remember to use the same e-mail ID that you used for signing up with Talkatone and also to mention “Porting” as the subject of the e-mail. The e-mail should state the number that you wish to put into your account. Once your number has been ported, you will get a confirmation message from Talkatone regarding this.

It is worth remembering that Talkatone works well on both 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks. However, it works better on a Wi-Fi network. Also, do note that while you can use this app to call a person who is not using this app, it will not be possible to send pictures or images to such people. Also, you cannot record your own voicemail using Talkatone to greet other people when you are not in a position to attend their calls. Also, although this app can be used only for communication with people residing in the United States, you can use it from anywhere in the world as long as your data connection supports this facility.



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