Top 3 Islands in Philippines You Must Visit

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It is not very easy to select the best islands in the Philippines, as it has around 7107 islands, which varies according to the tide. The islands here have an amazing scenery that cannot be viewed anywhere else in the world, offering a fantastic experience to visitors with its natural beauty. If you want a once in a lifetime vacation experience, these are the top three islands in the Philippines.

Boracay Island

Boracay is just about one hour’s flight from Manila and is off Panay Island, being one of the island clusters in the central part of the Philippine archipelago. It is the most frequented and the most popular islands in the Philippines. In the early part of the year, many windsurfers and kite boarders come here for competing in the International Funboard Cup, as the strong winds combined with the rough waves make it ideal for water sports.

It has one of the best beaches in the Philippines and it is about 7 kilometers long. The white sandy beaches and the spectacular clear water are the major attractions. The island also offers plenty of recreational activities for tourists, such as snorkeling and scuba diving as also windsurfing golfing and kite boarding, etc. There are also many restaurants and nightclubs for entertainment during the evening, for both singles and families. There are also boat trips around the island, which include the Carabao Island, with sandy white beaches. The Puka beach in the northern part is about 800 meters and consists of Puka shells that have been bleached white. It is not crowded and offers an enchanting environment with craggy cliffs and coconut trees. Other beaches here include the Diniwid Beach and the Willy’s Rock.

Palawan Island

It is dubbed as the last ecological frontier in the Philippines and is located between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea, with powder fine beaches and waters as clear as gin. The views are fantastic, with majestic limestone formations and marble cliffs, combined with empty lagoons and waterfalls with prehistoric caves, which tourists can easily explore. The Tabon Caves is about 22,000 years old and you can explore the 138 hectares of the rugged cliffs and the breathtaking view of the sea from here. The island is a very popular one for divers, with the waters containing 50 and more coral species. Visitors can also view an exotic range of whales and sharks, manta rays as well as dolphins and turtles.

It offers an idyllic tropical beauty with tourism yet to penetrate through this sword shaped island located to the south-west of Luzon. It offers a Jurassic Park type of landscape with lagoons and limestone cliffs and many untouched reefs that tourists can discover.

Cebu Island

It is a big island in the Visayas of Philippines. The island province consists of the Cebu Island surrounded by 167 other islands, with the capital known as the Cebu City, which is also known as the Queen City of the South. It is a very well-developed province. The island along with the Cebu City as well as the surrounding smaller islands has a lot of attractions to tourists. The sun, the sea and the beach offer excellent options for diving. Tourists landing at the Cebu airport can go by boat to the several islands or stay in Cebu Island itself. The Mactan Island nearby is very well-developed and offers many diving resorts and diving safaris to the surrounding sites. Other tourist attractions nearby are the Bantayan, Camotes, the Malapascua islands where there are many high-end and luxurious hotels and resorts, apart from many other smaller fishing villages offering a Filipino nature experience, with majestic views of the sea and the mountains nearby.

The Philippines are a country with several idyllic islands offering a world-class experience of diving and surfing. It is a relative undiscovered destination, with tourism being a vital part of the economy and each of its islands has something unique to offer.

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