Clash of Clans – Tips and Tricks For Town Hall, Resources and Upgrading

The Town Hall in Clash of Clans must be placed in the middle of the village, which should be the most protected area of your village. Keep in mind that if your Town Hall is destroyed, the enemy will win the battle, even if the other buildings are destroyed or not. If you don’t want to lose trophies easily, then try to protect your Town Hall so it won’t be destroyed.

If you want to intentionally lose trophies, you can place the Town Hall outside the protected area, and you will see that many players are just looking for targets to farm trophies, and as soon and they will deploy a few units only to destroy the town hall, they will leave shortly after that.

Protecting your Town Hall

When you want to protect your Town Hall, you will have to place it somewhere in the middle of your base, surrounded with defensive buildings and walls. When you are farming for trophies, you should focus on protecting your main building, the town hall, as much as you can. It’s not efficient to raid for trophies, if, in between, your base is being destroyed constantly, meaning that you’re losing some Trophies.

A simple way to defend your village is to surround it with high upgraded walls. Place defensive buildings behind the walls and, in the middle, place the Town Hall, as we told you above. You will also want to put some traps and bombs in the places where you think that the attackers will go.

Things you should do with the Town Hall while you want to farm resources and want to lose Trophies also

When you are farming for resources and don’t want to gather too many Trophies in order to not get stronger enemies, you will want to intentionally lose some Trophies. To do this, place your Town Hall to an unsafe spot, so this will attract enemies and they will destroy it, meaning that you will lose some Trophies. But, since you are farming for resources, place your storage buildings, Gold an Elixir, in the safest spot from your village, which is in the center of it. You want to drop Trophies, but you don’t want to let your enemies steal your farmed resources also.

Upgrading your Town Hall

Do not care about upgrading your Town Hall too soon. Instead, upgrade it only when all the other buildings have been upgraded. The Town Hall will be very expensive as it is leveled up, but in the same time, it will unlock new buildings which will be very useful.

A level 10 Town Hall costs 4.000.000 Gold to upgrade it. After you upgrade it, you will get 1099 experience points and the Town Hall will get an extra 5000 HP (hit points), which is pretty high for a building. Also, after upgrading it to level 10, you will have access to all the buildings from Clash of Clans. However, keep in mind that as you upgrade your village, you will get more dangerous enemies and you will have to tap the “next” button pretty much until you find an “approachable” enemy. So that’s the reason why you will upgrade the Town Hall ONLY when all other buildings are upgraded to their max level (the level the Town Hall allows them, because as soon as you upgrade the Town Hall, it will unlock new levels for them).

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