Minecraft PS4 Will Utilize Next Gen Console Power on Release Date

The official developers of the game Mojang have confirmed on their blog that their partner company 4J Studios is working to bring the next gen versions out soon and there will be an official announcement when they are ready to share.

So far, news related to Minecraft PS4 edition was shared only by 4J on their official blog, but Mojang has made it official. This indirectly indicates that all the companies associated with the title are working together to bring the first version for the next gen consoles because it is one of the anticipated games on PS4 platform. There are noteworthy releases on the console including the latest Infamous Second Son but a game like Minecraft will definitely encourage more players to hop on to the more powerful platform.

PS4 is Powerful

One of the important reasons that the PC version is always ahead of consoles is that it has more processing power and can easily be ported while 4J had to do plenty of tinkering to make sure it works on the PS3 console. It is expected that this is about to change because the time when consoles used an entirely different build is long gone. They now use PC-like installation system and are adopting digital distribution centers, which makes downloading DLCs as well as the entire game much easier. While Sony doesn’t go the Windows way as they like to stay different, it definitely has many similarities to PC architecture which will allow 4J to work on it much easier.

Fan Community Is Huge

Even though, it is being expected that Xbox One edition will get launched first, there are multiple confirmations that claim Minecraft PS4 edition will not be far behind. The development company 4J Studios confirmed this by releasing two different texture packs and two skin packs for the console. They released the city texture pack a week earlier on the Xbox 360 console but when the 1.04 update landed on the PS3 console it got a whole bunch of packs to play with. This assured Sony console owners that the old tradition of leaving Playstation players in lurch will not continue in 2014. Besides, there is a significant increase in the player community and the game has a strong fan following which has made it a mainstream title.

The Minecraft PS4 edition is expected to launch with all the updates found on 1.04 release including desert temples, jungle temples, invisibility potion, carrot on a stick among many others. It will allow players to explore in bigger maps and given the power of the PS4 console, it is a given that the texture will be high on 1080p resolution. The graphics processing power of the next gen will allow developers to go wild with these creations that Sleeping Dogs team already confirmed and you can expect 4J Studios to fully utilize the power of the console to its maximum extent. According to Mojang, they are working on it in full swing and you can expect a release date to be announced in another two weeks or so.

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