Angry Birds Epic – Top Tips, Cheats and Strategy Tricks

Angry Birds Epic is a new RPG game for Android, iOS and Windows mobile, which is featuring angry birds’ characters. The goal in this game is to pass levels. You’ll have to defeat the pigs, rescue birds and you’ll earn treasures, plus many more.

Here are some Tips, Tricks and Cheat that will help you in your Angry Birds Epic journey.

1. Gather resources

Even if Angry Birds Epic is a strategic turn based combat game, you will need to gather some resources. You will want to login into the game regularly in order to collect resources from the nodes. Do the mission with the golden pig everyday, so you can keep collecting the important gold pieces.

2. Save up the gold

Don’t use gold for reviving yourself, rerolling crafts, gambling, when you can use them for some permanent upgrades.

It’s hard to decide which to go for, first: Golden Cauldron, Golden Anvil or Golden Chili. However, you will most likely want to go for Golden Anvil, because of the quality items it will provide. The Golden Cauldron will come with some consumable items on which you should not rely too much anyway.

3. When things get tough, fall back

If a recent mission is giving you a hard time, you should go back to older missions. Most of them will still provide a challenge and you will earn rewards. As soon as you feel you got better gear, go back to the mission you got stuck on.

You should always look for treasure chests on the map and explore the levels near them, to win the chests. You can also target levels where you did not manage to get 3 stars.

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