GTA 5 Mod Demonstrates First Person View Gameplay

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Modding is a distant dream for console players because of the closed architecture used in the platforms.

Moreover, if you try to mod a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 game, it’s seriously difficult to achieve but one adamant gamer had managed to hack into the content to come up with the much-needed change for GTA 5. Whenever you roam in San Andreas or Vice City, especially when driving a car or watching the girls perform in the bar, you would have definitely thought about experiencing them all in first person view.

Someone else felt the same and he had come up with a video that shows how Grand Theft Auto 5 would look if you get to play it as a FPS. It definitely looks promising and given the gun totting criminal storyline of the game, being able to shoot opponents from a first person perspective is worth a shot. It gives you more control over the game and enjoy the plot from the perspective of three different protagonists. At the moment, it is only available in a video format and players will not be able to enjoy it themselves on their own console. Obviously, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 is not the best option to go for if you want to do such custom tweaks.

PC Mods on the Way

If you would have asked the same question a couple of weeks ago, the answer would have been meh! No one knew whether Rockstar is going to release GTA 5 on PC and next gen consoles yet. But, things are much more favorable now after Sony announced that the game is indeed coming to all platforms this fall. A PC version of any game is open to modding which is a widely known fact. Elder Scrolls Skyrim became a massive hit because of the slew of creative mods that the community came up with and it also paved the way for the longevity of the game. Similarly, it is expected that when Grand Theft Auto 5 lands on PC, modders will be able to come up with a solution that may allow players to experience the game in first person view. If someone could crack into it and get it done on an Xbox 360 console, the feasibility to do the same is much higher on a Windows platform. If Rockstar doesn’t object for such changes being made, then this dream could very well become a reality.

The Errors in the Xbox 360 Footage

Even though, the view for GTA 5 on Xbox 360 was just an experimental demonstration, it lacked the finesse that gamers expect. The video has multiple clipping errors and has odd perspective issues because the game developers didn’t design it to be viewed from a first person perspective. Besides, the streets look hauntingly empty because of the low processing power of the consoles. Let’s just wait for a couple of months till the game lands on the current generation of consoles and PC to see how well these mods could change the game.

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