Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV – Specifications and Pricing Compared

For those looking to buy a new media streaming box, the options just got better after Amazon entered into the segment with its Fire TV.

This device will be taking on the likes of Roku and Apple TV, that have been established players. Despite the obvious advantages in terms of brand name, Apple TV has been unable to create the same kind of dominance as it does in other segments. Amazon is hoping to capitalize on this aspect with its Fire TV.


Straightaway, there is no obvious advantage for either device in terms of price. They are both priced at $99. Therefore, the comparison would be of the features of the two devices.


Design is not an important criteria for a media streaming device, but when you get a well designed product, it is considered a bonus. This is the case with the Apple TV, which, like every other Apple device, looks excellent. The Amazon Fire TV is also a great looking device, especially with its rich and premium finish.


Going by aspects like performance, it is quite clear that the Amazon Fire TV has an obvious advantage in terms of specifications. Compared to the 2 GHz single core processor available on the Apple TV, this device will be able to boast of 1.7 GHz Quad core processor that works along with a GPU as well. However, phones from Samsung and HTC also have similar high specifications, but they are comparable with the iPhone 5S of Apple, which has lower specifications on paper.


This is the case once again with Apple TV, which manages to utilize its available power in the best possible manner. The device yet again loses in terms of memory since it offers only 512 MB compared to the 2 GB present on the Fire TV.


Being a new device, it is not surprising to see Fire TV support the latest Dolby Digital Plus surround whereas Apple TV offers only Dolby Digital. Neither of the devices come with support for 4K content, which might be a disappointment.


Apple TV has been in the market for almost a decade. Hence, it is fair to expect the device to come with a lot of content and it does with more than 30 applications for videos. This ranges across several platforms like news and sports. In order to take on such comprehensive competition, Fire TV can not afford to lose out in the first battle. It does trail the Apple TV in terms of content, but it too comes with more than 24 apps on board. This should be more than enough and there could be more on the way once the device becomes popular.

Gaming is taken care of in a big way on the Fire TV. One can even buy an additional gamepad for $40, while the prospect of gaming on Apple TV is totally unavailable. Both devices, though, offer a full physical remote as standard.

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