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WhatsApp Messenger is an android application that is most famous for its instant chat services which has helped it to become the top most rated application on the android market. With its latest update, WhatsApp Messenger is now arguably the most convenient and simplest messaging and calling application. WhatsApp has a cross-platform that makes it available to smartphones such as IOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone all around the world. The application operates on 3G or Wi-Fi connections. From North America to Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, WhatsApp has dominated the world of mobile messaging applications with an estimated 465 million users. It is especially popular among young people who are driven to stay connected at all times.

Voice Calling Feature Has Been Added To WhatsApp Messenger

Recently, android has added a voice calling feature to the application which allows users to make free calls to each other. This new feature was announced by the CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, who stated that IPhone and Android users will soon be able to make internet phone calls using WhatsApp. He further stated that the updated version of the application will be available later to others users of Blackberry, Microsoft and Nokia Phones.
Before the new update to the application, WhatsApp had a feature of sending text messages along with image, audio and video files.

Money Saving Benefits Among Others

With its latest update, users can call their WhatsApp friends without any charges added. This new version of Whatsapp will allow users to save money they would normally spend on calling friends and relatives locally and internationally.The application uses the same data or Wi-Fi connection that the user’s phone is connected to and does not incur any extra charge for usage.

This new update of the application, WhatsApp v.4.0.0, has become a must-application for most smartphone users. The call feature in WhatsApp allows for:

  • High-Definition Quality sound
  • Recording of conversations
  • International, national and local calls
  • Instant switch to GPRS during calls
  • Greater connectivity

With WhatsApp v.4.0.0 users will not only be able to send images and audio files but will also be able to stay connected with other WhatsApp users by calling for free. Users can also record conversations and share them with anyone. The new version will continue to use the phone numbers of the users with no pins or usernames needed. No international charges are incurred when using WhatsApp Free Call and Messenger application. It therefore means that users can correspond with relatives and family around the world for as long as they want to with no prices attached. WhatsApp Free Call Download v.4.0.0 will, however, have a few drawbacks:

  • Auto download option is missing
  • Users cannot pause, forward or rewind recordings
  • Images sent by users will be included in WhatsApp images folder

These drawbacks are small compared to the benefits users will be receiving with the voice call feature and should not stop users from getting this new version.

Where To Download The New Version

According to the WhatsApp official website, WhatsApp v.4.0.0 will not be entirely free. For Apple users there will be a one-time charge when they first download the application. For all other users it will be a free trial download for the first year after which $0.99 USD will be charged per year. However, there are really no differences between the free and paid versions except the length of service.

WhatsApp users can download the updated application from Google Play Store for android and the Apple/ ITunes App store for IPhones. Users can also use the following sites below to download the new version:

  • http://www.whatsapp.com/

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