WeChat vs Line Messenger – The Battle for Numero Uno

Social networking has become an inseparable part of our lives.

Be it updating casual status or sharing information about work on the go, smartphone devices today have to be essentially equipped with messengers that are fast, secure and fun to work with at the same time. By far, WhatsApp had been the forerunner of simple messenger technology, but with the advent of better and faster smartphones, newer and better messenger applications are taking an upper hand. Maybe, as they say in marketing terms, “If it is good, they’ll stop making it,” is the case with these social apps. Let us take a look at two of the most happening social messengers in the market, WeChat and Line messenger.


WeChat, developed by the Chinese giant Tencent, stands as the first app in the world in terms of users and downloads. Line messenger was developed in Japan as a response to the devastating Tohoku Earthquake by the employees of NHN Japan who had to rely completely on internet services for communications during the calamity. Interestingly, though launched in March 2011, Line easily surpassed 200 million users in just six months as compared to WeChat’s clientele of a meager 50 million users by the end of the same year.

The Fun Part

While WeChat boasts of integration with location sharing plug-ins like “Shake” and “Drift Bottle” along with “Hold-to-Talk” voice messaging, Line comes with an unlimited sticker collection based on reel-life characters from Disney’s Pixar Entertainment, many well-known celebrities as well as fun anime characters. Line has an added advantage as it support VoIP calls, which make audio and videoconferencing faster and more realistic than ever. Line can be used on your personal computer via Mac or Windows platform. Moreover, photo-sharing utility of Line is comparable with Instagram.


WeChat has personalized data-recovery support through cloud computing technology, whereas Line user profile and data are stored primarily on HBase. Line has been flawless until now in terms of security, whereas WeChat has had security issues, which include filtering of content and blocking of selective messages. However, this was reported as a technical glitch and it has been resolved.


WeChat is by far the most popular cross-platform messenger as it supports Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry OS and Windows, whereas Line is limited to Android, iOS and Windows only. Although, Line is still a step ahead in terms of marketing, users worldwide are more into Android devices because of ease of accessibility. Therefore, this, in a way, nullifies Line’s limited support.


The world today has changed and so have we. It is really impossible to imagine life without fast connectivity and online social interaction. Messaging apps that work on internet connectivity have certainly become a powerful tool for people of all ages and different classes. Be it work or fun, we need to stay connected with our loved ones 247. These social messengers in the market have really revolutionized the way in which we connect and stay connected. Therefore, the next time you find difficulty in choosing the best, give each one a try because each has their own unique features. After all, if it is good, they’ll stop making it!

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