iWatch – Features, Specifications And Price

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The world of technology is buzzing with rumors of Apple making its first big foray into the arena of wearable technology and iWatch is an awaited product, set to be launched shortly.

We do not have any official dates yet regarding when the iWatch will be released. In fact, too many rumors are circulating in the market at the moment. As per the leaks, it seems likely that iWatch is going to hit the stores very soon.

Standalone or Conjunction?

While we cannot be completely sure at the moment, it is likely that iWatch is not going to be a standalone device. Like the Samsung gear, you will have to use your iWatch in conjunction with your iPhone. It will, however, run on the full version of iOS and not like iPod nano which has a watered down version.

It is likely to have the cross compatibility factor, which means that you will be able to use it in synchronization with different Apple products.

Bendable Display

There are rumors that the iWatch is going to give you a bendable display. A Korean newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, has reported that Apple is currently testing bendable displays for three different sizes of products. Another report in the New York Times hints that Apple might be experimenting with the wrist watch look-alike devices that will be made of glass.

Unless we have an official news launch from Apple, it is hard to give an accurate comment about the appearance of this smart watch.

There are speculations that the watch will resemble a bracelet more than a watch. Apple is known to come up with its own design and style rather than mimic what is already present in the market.

For The Fitness Lovers

With the flurry of new fitness apps and the association of Apple with top fitness brands like Nike, it is no doubt that iWatch is going to be fitness oriented. We would not be surprised if we find a pedometer along with biometric sensors in the watch. People have gone further and suggested that the watch may be able to record your blood glucose and oxygen levels as well.

The extent of features that will be incorporated remains to be seen; however, it should definitely have some health related apps and features.

Siri Should Be Present

No Apple product is complete without Siri. The iWatch is likely to rely heavily on Siri so that operating it becomes easier. There are rumors that you will be able to interact with various home devices using this smart watch. This will allow you to carry out tasks in an automated manner and make these chores a whole lot easier.

The Speculated Price

Nothing can be taken as the final word right now. However, as per the rumors, it is likely that the watch is going to cost you nearly $200. It may release in the final quarter of the year. It can also be released along with iPhone 6. However, Apple has not released any official word yet.

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