Watch Dogs PC Mod Could Make It Unplayable

The ardent PC gamers got furious when they found that all the graphic settings and files related to Watch Dogs were kept hidden inside the original Watch Dogs game.

It was all there but the content was disabled by the original developers of the game, Ubisoft. The company had a lot to answer for downgrading the graphics and for officially making the game look bad on PCs, which are actually capable of rendering anything a developer usually throws at it. The modder named the Worse came up with a solution on Guru3D where he released those files, which when installed will unlock a whole lot of good features in the game.

The changes include better rain effects, high quality textures, improved draw distances, increased pedestrians on the road and dynamic shadows along with flares on vehicle headlights. All of them when combined together shows a visually appealing game like no other, but the developers claim that these files, even though they are already inside the game, were disabled for a reason.

Ubisoft’s Reply

The Ubisoft representative addressing the issue in the media said that engineers and programmers in their company were fully aware of the fact that the graphic files were disabled. And, they didn’t choose to remove it because it come in handy in the near future when some tweaks had to be made. Speaking to the press, he said that Ubisoft purposefully kept the graphics low and switched off all these features because they can make Watch Dogs unplayable. It would eventually lead to frequent crashing and performance issues which will possibly deteriorate the gameing experience. The development detailed more about this in their official blog post where they claimed that the PC version had all these unused old files which were disabled because they could lead to instability, performance issues, visual fidelity and could make the gameplay worse.

Mods Are Welcome

In an attempt to encourage modding and to clarify that they may not penalize people who use the mod, the development team in their blog post said, “Modders are creative and enthusiastic people who love to explore. We always appreciate their enthusiasm and the mod which they have come up with now has the capability to enhance the visual fidelity of the game but it can also lead to negative impacts in some circumstances.”

Even though, they didn’t directly admit anything, it is known that Ubisoft is now against mods and The Worse user who found the mod will not have to deal with any legal issues because he tweaked the settings. The user on Guru3D explained his actions and also publicly released a mod that would allow all gamers to make use of his discovery. It could make the game look extremely good if the screenshots he had posted are something to go by. There is also talks that Watch Dogs 2 could be on the way soon but it may not feature Aiden Pearce as the protagonist again. A new lead could be introduced with the next instalment of the game.

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