Yahoo Messenger – New, Safer, Encrypted Yahoo on its Way to You

Data encryption has its uses, and security firms all over the world will vouch for this fact.

Where user information is concerned, everyone wants to make sure that it is kept protected. Encryption has long been one of the safest ways to accomplish this and now Yahoo Messenger is turning towards it to keep its user data protected.

Why is Protection of User Information Necessary?

With various ‘snoopgate’ scandals coming to light over the past two years, it has become imperative for technology firms to make sure that their user information is safe from prying eyes. The cases of identity theft are on the rise and millions of people are vulnerable to having their private information stolen in hacking attacks. Therefore, technology giants like Yahoo have made it their business to ensure that their users’ information stays protected and that unauthorized surveillance is prevented.

What Does This Mean for Yahoo?

Yahoo has never been known to be the one to worry too much about data security. Though they did have some form of encryption in place, the implementation of it can at best be termed lackadaisical. It was this reason why governments had a chance to snoop around and get access to some users’ private information. It is becoming difficult for people to trust their personal data to Yahoo, and that has been one of the reasons that people are turning towards other messaging options. Yahoo Messenger is riddled with glaring security holes and the move towards stronger and wider encryption is aimed at giving users more security.

Why Use Encryption Now?

Recent reviews of messenger safety exposed two messaging giants – ICQ and Yahoo Messenger, with almost no user security. Even after a decade of information exposure and repeated cautions, both these messaging services continued unencrypted. This has put Yahoo Messenger, which is already experiencing a dip in its user base, in a tight spot. They have now announced the imminent release of a new version of the messenger that will be fully encrypted and much safer for users. Though there have been recent encryption improvements in all the Yahoo products, this new move is specifically aimed at keeping the information of Yahoo Messenger users safe from prying eyes.

What Does the Future Hold?

The new encryption moves aim to bring tougher encryptions to bring them to the web protocol standard. Now Yahoo will support the HTTPS as their default for their Yahoo Mail servers. It has already implemented the TLS 1.2, a 2048 bit key for their homepage and a Perfect Forward Secrecy encryption for most of their properties. They are planning to extend these newly installed safety measures to all of their properties, including Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Search will perhaps be the hardest to encrypt, but Yahoo has promised that they will be able to do that eventually. There are some challenges to encryption as well as the old networks, apps and devices that send Yahoo traffic, will be difficult to encrypt. Still Yahoo is hopeful of creating foolproof systems to ensure that their user information remains perfectly secure.

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