5 Exclusive Family Apps from LINE

With many social sites sprouting each day, it is time we appreciate the art of technology in the mobile phone industry.

At this age, you can do things that were done using the laptops and computers five years ago, on your smartphones. LINE is an app that enables you to send and receive messages with friends without spending a penny. It has features ranging from video calls, sharing of photos, video messages, sharing of coupons with your favorite celebrities and personalities to get quick and reliable news all over the world. LINE is available and is easily accessible in all smart phones from Nokia to Blackberry, Windows to Android and iPhones.

LINE Camera

With your Android and iPhone operating system, you can take the best quality snaps from your mobile. If you are the guy who likes taking pictures in those historic sites or by the swimming pool after swimming, then you are in the right place. LINE is the best app for your phone. With its exclusive features that enable you to edit your photos, it brings you that charming feeling of viewing your photos in a beautiful way.


Celebrations and special moments are always meant to be shared with people you adore and care about. It is so awkward to host a birthday party or a farewell party with a small number of people. With your LINE app, you can send invitation cards to your friends, spouses and family members. The special feature also enables you to share the desired cards with other LINE users.

LINE Brush

Did you know that you can draw pictures and tables using the app? Arch card has been a unique feature in the laptops and computers and architects use it to draw their plans. You don’t need that qualification of being an architect to draw pictures. With LINE app in your phone, you can change your imaginations into reality by drawing and doing other artistic work. Imaginative and focused artists can now draw and store their work in their palmtop gadgets easily and safely.


Many of us like playing games using our laptops or we frequently visit a nearby game play store to relieve tension and stress. With LINE apps in your phone, you can easily access diverse features that will leave you laughing and enjoying playing all day. Perfect LINE Avatar enables you to create an animation of yourself and also gives you the chance of playing with other LINE players.

LINE Antivirus

With many types of gadgets now available and the increasing rates of information security, LINE application ensures all your files in your mobile phone will remain safe and incompatible to viruses. With its one touch feature button, you can get rid of those junk viruses accumulated in your phone as spam messages, new programs and altered software. Apart from protecting your files from malicious information, LINE antivirus also alerts you of the rising threats.

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