Should You Expect Titanfall 2 for Xbox One and PS4?

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The E3 2014 has been one heck of a ride.

From the longest ever streak of games and IP leaks, to a lot of drama and mystery, the lead up to E3 saw it all. There were some ‘aww’ moments there, and some not so great ones too. The highlights, as expected, are the upcoming titles and some great reveals. Of these, perhaps one of the most scintillating rumors is that of a possible Titanfall 2 release for Xbox One and PS4. The lead up to the E3 has been nothing short of dramatic and sources close to several gaming companies talked a lot about upcoming games and what gamers should expect of them.

Titanfall 2 – The Sequel

Titanfall, the first person shooter released in March earlier this year, has already been one of the most well received games of our times. This multiplayer FPS comes from the developers of the insanely successful Call of Duty franchise. The game, of course, was hugely anticipated and did not fail to deliver on its promises. Now, as the development team goes back to work on the sequel to the game, gamers are already wondering about it. The first game in the series – Titanfall, was developed by the Respawn Entertainment with Bluepoint Games, to be released exclusively for the Xbox platform. Later, the developers decided to launch it for the PC as well. However, there are rumors that the next installment in the franchise may be launched for PS4 as well.

Exclusive Releases for IPs

There has been a growing trend of exclusive releases for various IPs. A lot of game developers release their IPs exclusively for some platforms, while ignoring others completely. Console exclusivity has often been criticized by gamers, who are not able to enjoy certain games simply because they chose to purchase a particular gaming console. There is a very strong co-relation between hardware sales and exclusivity of games and it is all designed to push the sales of some hardware more than others. PlayStation players had recently faced a lot of disappointment when they learned that Titanfall, one of the biggest games of this year, was only going to release on Xbox One. They may have reason to cheer yet.

Titanfall Release on PS4?

A source close to the developing companies has claimed that the sequel to Titanfall – Titanfall 2, will be released for PS4 in addition to Xbox, thus effectively ending the game’s exclusivity. The popularity of the first game prompted the developers to plan the game for both these consoles, right from the first stage of development. Though there is no word on when the game might release, since it is still in very early stages of development, it is possible that the new game will be a multiplatform one. Still, it is too early to be concluding anything definitively, but speculation may continue till the developers make a final announcement and reveal. Till then, we have our fingers crossed, hoping that these rumors have some semblance of truth.

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