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Google Hangouts is a revamped chat widget from Google.

It is Google’s new idea of what modern revitalized chat platforms should look like. Google Hangouts was introduced to replace the previous Google Talk platform that could be accessed through Gmail or on its own. Google Hangouts is also meant to be a stand alone app, but it is tied to Google Chrome. It is therefore browser-enabled. Once you close the Google browser, then you automatically close the Google Hangout app.

Google Hangouts Working Mechanisms and Features

Google hangouts has been added more capacity. You can chat with up to ten friends on Hangouts. You have the options at your disposal. It is up to you to decide whether you will make use of the text chat medium or discuss your issues one on one with your contacts. Moreover, Hangouts is better prepared to handle the sharing of files of different types. You can exchange large amounts of video and photo files while you converse with your friends on Hangouts. Google Hangouts also allows you to note contacts that are not present online at the same time you log in. You can, however, still send them messages which show up in their chat box the next time they log into Google Hangouts.

One Password for All

Google Hangouts allows you to log in from any of your Google accounts. Therefore, you do not have to keep many passwords that may be a trouble to remember. The app also closes when you log out of your other accounts. However, you can still log back in if you wish to continue using it independently. Take note, however, that you can only use it in this manner if you are using your Google Chrome browser. Unlike its predecessor, Google Hangouts allows you to use video call features even when your Gmail account is logged out. Another practical user friendly feature of the app is the ability to go back to an earlier conversation at a click of the mouse.

The Free Google Hangouts Download Works on Many Devices

The most conspicuous feature that Google Hangouts has handed users is its easy compatibility with devices of various configurations. It is arguably the most effective, fast and readily acceptable chat app on Android, Apple and Windows Phone devices. Consequently, Google Hangouts became a success shortly after its launch. The multi platform compatibility obviously boosted its rating and attraction to clients across the spectrum.

Chat on the Go with the Free Google Hangouts

The fact that the app readily works on a broad range of devices enables users to keep in touch with what goes on, on various forums even as they travel. It also means that you do not have to leave your office work unattended because you can summon meetings with people at the office even as you travel to distant locations. Google Hangouts ensures that your business keeps going, with or without your physical presence. All the features that a PC user can access on Google Hangouts can also be accessed on other devices such as Smartphones tablets and phablets.

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