Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 – Price and Specs Comparison

Tablets are great replacements for bulky laptops.

If you are looking to buy an Android tablet, Samsung offers some exciting options that include the medium range Tab series and high-end Tab Pro series. An 8-inch tablet can be a good alternative option for laptops. Let’s compare Tab Pro 8.4 and Tab 3 8.0 and see the differences and similarities between them.


The size of the tablet greatly affects the portability and usability factor. An 8-inch tablet cannot be handled with one hand. The dimensions of Tab Pro 8.4 are 219 mm (H) by 128.5 mm (W). The thickness of the device is around 7.2 mm while the weight of the device is around 331 grams. Tab 3 8.0 has slightly smaller dimensions with 209.8 mm (H) by 123.8 mm (W). The thickness of the device is around 7.4 mm while its weight is 314 grams.

Which Device Has Better Display Technology?

Since both devices have almost similar sized displays, the real comparison is between the technologies behind the displays. Tab Pro 8.4 has an SLCD (Super Clear LCD) screen while the Tab 3 8.0 has a TFT touch screen. There is no doubt SLCD are far better than TFT screen in terms of color reproduction, brightness, contrast and other factors important for a display. The screen resolution of SLCD in Tab Pro 8.4 is equivalent to 1600-by-2560 pixels that translates into a pixel density of 359 pixels-per-inch. The TFT screen in Tab 3 8.0 has a screen resolution of 800-by-1280 pixels and pixel density equivalent to 189 ppi. Thus, it is quite clear, the Tab Pro 8.4 not only has slightly bigger screen but also a better display.

Which Device Has Better Camera Features?

Dual cameras have become standard in Samsung tablets; Tab Pro 8.4 has 8 MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. Both cameras can record 1080p videos and the supported resolution is 3264-by-2448 pixels. Besides recording HD videos, Tab Pro 8.4 also has photography enhancement features like LED flash for rear camera, auto focus, smile, face detection and geo tagging. Tab 3 8.0 is equipped with a 5 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP secondary camera. The rear camera in Tab 3 8.0 can record 720p videos.

Which Device Has Better Hardware?

Tab Pro 8.4 is a newer device and has the latest Snapdragon 800 chip with a quad core processor and Adreno 330 GPU. The clock frequency of the Krait 400 processor in Tab Pro 8.4 is 2.4 GHz. On the other hand Tab 3 8.0 has Exynos 4212 chip fitted with dual-core CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz and Mali-400 GPU. Tab Pro 8.4 has 2GB RAM while Tab 3 8.0 has 1.5GB RAM. Both devices offer options to extend storage through the microSD card slot. Tab 3 8.0 and Tab Pro 8.4 offer two options in terms of internal storage space – 16GB and 32GB. Both devices support microSD cards up to 64GB. There is no doubt Tab Pro 8.4 has better multi-tasking capabilities.


You can purchase a 16GB Wi-Fi model of Tab Pro 8.4 for $329.99 while Tab 3 8.0 model with 16GB storage costs around $249.99.

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