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At this moment WhatsApp has over 600 million users and it has become the most popular application for mobile messaging. A current inconvenient at this app is that it downloads automatically the files you receive from your contacts. WhatsApp thinks that this is an advantage of a higher performance but for users who receive dozen of photos at ones it is pretty annoying. Here you can find out what you can do to stop the application from saving automatically the files on your device.

Follow this steps to switch off the option for downloading photo and audio files on your Android phone.

1. Enter WhatsApp, on the main window you can see your messages entries, and then press the three dots in the right corner and select “Settings”.

2. In Chat settings tap on Media autodownload and you should see 3 options:

While connecting on Wi-Fi or while using cellular data, and while on roaming. Press on each one while disabling auto downloads by unchecking all: Audio, Images and Video.

If you want to see the photos you receive, you will need to save them. WhatsApp downloads them in a folder in Gallery app on your phone, and you can get loaded with useless files, which can be seen by anyone who opens your Gallery app.

Here is how you can stop this content from showing in the Gallery app:

  • Download Quickpic and open it.
  • Go to the WhatsApp media folders. Internal Storage (sometimes: sdcard0) àWhatsApp à Media à WhatsApp Imagesà WhatsApp à Media à WhatsApp Audio and WhatsApp à Media à WhatsApp Videos.
  • Make sure that WhatsApp Images, Video and Audio folders are selected.
  • Press on the three dots in the right corner and then select Hide. This will make the Gallery app not to show media files from WhatsApp anymore. You can still see the media files but only on WhatsApp or through any application that enables you to see hidden folders.

WhatsApp on iPhone has an easier method to stop saving files to the Camera Roll. Let’s see how it is done!

1. Start WhatsApp and press on the Settings at the bottom in the right corner.

2. Then you can find in Chat settings, the Save incoming media mode and select Off.

This will stop the photos you receive from appearing on Camera Roll and taking over your Photo Stream. Unhappily, there isn’t a method to stop the application from downloading automatically photos on the iPhone. It may ask only if you prefer to download the videos, but images are saved anyway.
If you have BlackBerry 7 or 10 here is what you can do for a disable of auto downloads through the Settings app.

1. Go in Settings, media settings and then press on media auto-download.

2. Press on all the three options “When connected on Wi-Fi”, “When using cellular data” and “When roaming”, and then uncheck all the three: Images, Video and Audio.

3. Go back in Media Settings and select “Save media on” to determine if the media will be saved in the internal memory of your phone, or on your micro SD card.

Windows Phone
If you are a Windows Phone user and you want to disable the auto-download, follow these certain steps:

1. Go to WhatsApp in the main window and press on the three dots in the bottom, you can see them. Then go in settings, chat settings and select media auto download.

2. Tap on Images and then select “Never”. Do exactly the same thing for Audio and Video If you set Never for the three options Wi-Fi, roaming and cellular, you can save media files only when you want to.

Nokia S40 and Nokia S60
Here is how to disable media auto download for WhatsApp for Nokia S40 phones:

Go in “Options”, then “Settings” and press on “Network” to find “Autodownload images” and from here you can disable autodownloads.

It is almost the same for Nokia S60 phones:

Open “Settings” from “Options” and select “Network” and then “Media autodownload”. Now you are able to select Cellular/ Wi-Fi/ Roaming and disable autodownloads for media files.

With auto-downloading media off you will have some advantages, but you also need to catch each of the photos you want one by one. If you are downloading every image, then it’s for the best to leave this option on.

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