Minecraft PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One – Trailer Released at E3 2014

Tuesday, at the E3 2014, a trailer of the “Minecraft” for PS4 was released, while for the Xbox One version were released only a few photos.

A few weeks ago, Mojang announced that they are working on Minecraft for the new-generation consoles. They also added that the new version of Minecraft will come with 36 times bigger worlds.

Here are some details about Minecraft on the new generation consoles:

Minecraft on Xbox One

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be released in August on Xox Live Marketplace. It will come with bigger worlds and with a greater draw distance than the Xbox 360 version. Minecraft: Xbox One will come with all features from the most recent Xbox 360 patch and it will cost 19.99 dollars. However, if you already bought the Xbox 360 edition from Xbox Live Marketplace or if you played online with the disc version, you will have the option to “upgrade” your Minecraft Xbox 360 edition to the Minecraft Xbox One edition for only 4.99 dollars. You will be able to import your saved worlds from the Minecraft Xbox 360 version to the Minecraft Xbox One version. Most of the DLC skins and textures packs that you purchased for the Xbox 360 Edition will be available on your Xbox One edition.

Minecraft on PS4

Minecraft for PS4 will be released in August on PlayStation Network. Likewise on the Xbox One version, Minecraft on PS4 will come with bigger worlds and a greater draw distance than on the PS3. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 edition will cost 19.99 dollars, but if you already own the Minecraft on PS3, you will have the option to upgrade it to the PS4 for only 4.99 dollars.
Most of the DLC texture packs and skins you’ve purchased for Minecraft: PlayStation 3 edition will be available on Minecraft: PlayStation 4 edition.

Below you can see the Minecraft: PS4 Trailer, which was revealed at the E3 2014:




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