Is Gmail a Smart Choice For Business Organizations?

When you are looking for an email platform to be used for handling your business mails, you need to be sure of plenty of different details.

There are various points that you must keep an eye on because business mails contain sensitive and confidential data.

Is Gmail a Good Choice?

There are innumerable business organizations that make use of Gmail platform for the sake of sending and receiving emails. The big question is whether it is a smart thing to do? There have been questions about how reliable a free platform is when it comes to sending business mails.

While Gmail is a free-for-all email platform, it comes packed with its own share of security features. If you are worried about your security arrangements, you can keep your stress aside.

Two Step Authentications

Gmail offers you a two step authentication process for enhanced and advanced security. When you have opted for this method, you can keep the intruders away. This is one of those methods that has been designed for the users who are extremely skeptical of their security arrangements. Every time you log in to your account from a different location, you will have to enter a code that will be sent to your mobile. Unless, the intruder has access to your mobile, this system makes hacking almost impossible.

Attachments Are a Lot Easier to Handle

There was a time when it was extremely difficult to attach heavy files. Not only was their space constraint, but the overall attaching of files was cumbersome too. However, with the new changes in Gmail, it is easier to attach files. You can easily attach multiple files and if you have a bulky file, you can also share it on Google drive.

Ever since Google drive was associated with Gmail, attaching files has taken an entirely new look. Those who are in a business where excessive file attachments have to be done can benefit a great deal with the feature. Google drive is safe to use as you have all the sharing restrictions incorporated in it. You can control the users who can view the file and even the ones who can modify it.

Hangout and More

Gmail comes packed with a series of impressive features. As a business organization you may have to conduct meetings and even virtual presentation. In such cases, you can always fall back on Google hangouts as you have the option for video call and even screen sharing. Hangouts have some of the best facilities and features which make it apt for business purpose.

There are endless features that Gmail has to offer and you should definitely explore the different options so that you are aware of what you are looking for.

Most companies that have opted for the use of Gmail platform have been pleased with their choice and faced no difficulties whatsoever. Gmail is ideal not just for business but even for personal use as well. The changes that Gmail keeps bringing up are innovative and useful and thus this platform is likely to get better with time.

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