Android Apps for PC – BlueStacks Is the Way to Go

Android phones have stormed the market and captivated the young and old alike with their appeal,

versatility and interface friendliness. Android smartphones are present in millions of pockets today and more people and mobile makers are getting attracted to this platform offered by Google. Android is the default platform on which 85% of the phones in use today are based and the share is increasing day by day as other platforms find it difficult to compete with Android. One main reason for this big popularity of Android is that it is an open source platform and can accommodate millions of apps for the use of its users.

Android has become so common nowadays that even people who do not have smartphones can now access the world of android apps via their PC or through a cyber cafe. This has been made possible by the app called Bluestacks. This app is available for free on the internet and can be downloaded and installed on any machine, provided they fulfill certain minimum criteria. The specialty of this app is that it turns your computer into an android platform that imitates a mobile screen.

Bluestacks allows the users to use the Android market from their computers. It registers a phone number which is your own and then opens the app for you to explore. Users can access the Play store and download all the apps on their virtual android terminal as they would have done on their android powered smartphones. All the apps can be accessed and run flawlessly using the keyboard and the mouse as they would have been done on mobile screens.

The software is growing in demand due to the fact that people can get together and share PCs, even when they can’t afford smartphones. This allows multiple users to exploit the benefits of the Android market and the apps through their PCs. The users gain access to a plethora of apps like games, educational items, social media activities, messaging etc. The app is particularly helpful to people who do not have access to mobiles but still want to exploit the benefits of Android apps.

Another factor that makes Bluestacks, widely coveted software, is that it is highly compatible with almost every PC, which qualifies with certain minimum configuration. Furthermore, Bluestacks can be upgraded and be made to support the latest version of the Android, just like a normal smartphone. The app has its own memory, contact list provision, play store and other similar facilities which a normal phone has. In other words, the app just imitates the functions of a normal phone, minus the calling capabilities.

The variety of apps offered by the Android store and the ease of using Bluestacks, have, together made the access to Android apps, easier for normal users. Being on PC, a person can access his messages or social media accounts even from work or any other place, where he might not have access to his phone connectivity. These benefits have coalesced together to make Bluestacks a favorite among many users of PC.

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