Mario Kart 8 Could Save Wii U, Sold Over 1 Million Copies

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Nintendo, the biggest player of the 80s and the 90s, is now struggling at a point where it don’t have enough compelling titles on their new Wii U console.

While it was limping its way in sales, it looks like the newly released Mario Kart 8 could be its savior. The company has proudly announced that it has become one of the fastest selling games on the console and is going on a great run. According to official reports, over 1.2 million copies of the game had sold worldwide. It is to be noted that the racing game officially got released on the Wii U platform just days ago. The title made its way to stores in Japan on May 29 while it got its digital and retail release in North America as well as Europe on May 30.

Such previous records have been created only by Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto, which sold over a million copies in a couple of hours but it was a multi-platform title. The Mario Kart racing game, however, is a Wii U exclusive, yet it managed to create such a record that is without a doubt, delightful news for the company. Nintendo might realize by now that their first-party titles are still adored by players and the only thing that has to be done is to release them promptly without delays to fix its ongoing losses. Moreover, it will not only generate revenue for Nintendo but also could help the Wii U console stay afloat despite stiff competition from PS4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo Is Brisk Now

Speaking to the media, Nintendo’s American division president and Chief Operating Officer, Reggie Aime, stated, “The roaring reply to Mario Kart 8 clearly indicates that the greatest days of Wii U are yet to come. The most awaited E3 2014 is about to take place in a couple of days and Nintendo is all ready to talk everything about the upcoming games for their platforms. Even though, it is going to be web conference, it will be worthy and will introduce some exciting titles to the crowd.” While Wii U is seeing some brisk sales with the new game, analysts predict that it is nowhere near the record created by the earlier version of the games on the older Wii console. It could be because of the fact that people who own a Wii U console are less because of its limited availability around the globe and most of them have refrained from buying one because of the lack of must-have first-party titles.

Future of Wii U

The competition is seriously tough at the moment at E3 2014. Sony is leading at the moment with their PS4 but Microsoft is close on their heels with the Xbox One. They have dropped prices and are gearing up with some excellent titles to blow PS4 off the stable. Nintendo has a good start with Mario Kart 8 that might drive Wii U sales this holiday season but they have to come up with a bunch of good titles that will make owning the console worthwhile.

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