Minecraft PS3 Users Set to Gain From the Likely Free Update Download in the Offing

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Minecraft PS3 has hit the charts in the UK.

If what the news doing the rounds is anything to go by, it is the top video game in the UK market right now in its category.

Minecraft on a Free High Ride in UK

In fact, the UK does not seem to have enough of Minecraft just yet. Currently, there are two versions of Minecraft soaring high on the UK market. It appears that Minecraft PS3 has enjoyed so much limelight in the UK because there has not been real competition in the individual categories segment. Its success is comparable to another highly successful release, Minecraft Xbox 360. Minecraft PS3 seems to have set a performance precedent that even Xbox One, PS4 and PlayStation Vita may find hard to change. Either way, Minecraft developers continue to smile all the way to the bank.

Little Competition

The only real competitor, who takes the honors in the all formats, is FIFA 14. The FIFA release has topped the charts in the category despite having dropped its sales by up to 8% recently. It seems, therefore, that the older games still seem to be dominating most charts with only Minecraft PlayStation 3 being the genuinely new entrants; in relative terms though. Minecraft PS3 enthusiasts should also rest assured that the PS3 Worlds will be transferred to the forthcoming Minecraft PS4. It has also been indicated from reliable sources that it may also be transferable to PS Vita.

Buying Across the Divide

The developers of the merging game versions are currently looking into the possibility of having cross buy options for Play Station 3 and Play Station 4 updated products. Sony and Mojang have confirmed exploring such a possibility. The basic plan, however, is to enable users migrate seamlessly from the PlayStation 3 version to the upcoming PlayStation 4 update. A representative from Mojang further noted that their engineers are working on the possibility of the former migrating to Play Station Vita without a hitch. He also noted that despite the efforts to include the PS Vita in the migration plan, the PS Vita will come with some limitations relative to the console versions. In particular, he expressed concern that the smaller world size could impede the efforts to import sprawling save files from PlayStation 3.

The Free PlayStation 4 Migration Might Be Looming For PS3 Users.

The representative pledged to avail more information concerning the updates later because he did not want to speculate. He indicated that the engineers were already working on the dynamics of the updates. Many fans have begun expressing optimism that Mojang may be planning to offer the PS3 users a free hand at the PS4 and PlayStation Vita updates. In other words, there is likelihood that the PlayStation 3 users may get the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita for free. However, this speculation remains a rumor since the developers have not expressly indicated such a plan.

Minecraft PS3 Borrows from the Digital Version

Minecraft PS3 is set to be a fully updated game bearing all the attractive elements of the digital model. It will also come with new material from recent updates.

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