E3 2014 – Leaked Screenshot Shows PS4 with PS Vita Bundle

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While developers are trying their best to keep the surprise element intact for the upcoming E3 2014 event, things just don’t seem to be in their favor anymore.

For Electronic Arts, it was an annoying moment when multiple videos of their upcoming Battlefield Hardline got leaked. Now, it is Sony that has got caught in the web of leaked content. This could have been one of their most interesting things to be announced during the Electronics Entertainment Expo, but Amazon France, known for leaking stuff all the time, has revealed that a new PS4, PS Vita bundle is coming.

The online retailer has listed a price of €579 for the bundle, which roughly costs around $790. On the pricing factor, this doesn’t look like a super saver pack. However, the company has shown a screenshot of Infamous Second Son running on the PS Vita screen, which led to another rumor that this bundle might get released along with a PS4 version of the game. The title developed by Sucker Punch studios has gained critical success and is one of the must have exclusives on PlayStation 4, which might add weight to this enticing bundle. It is all about how Sony decides to market it, in case this is for real!

Unconfirmed Rumor

The rumor is unconfirmed at the moment but the box art that Amazon France had posted looks very real and you just can’t deny its existence. John Koller, hardware marketing executive for PlayStation said in February that the company has no plans to release such a bundle, but he did admit that the proposition seems interesting enough. Maybe, a simple fan’s wish list could have inspired the company to come with such a product. All hands point to a definitive release even though this is completely a speculation at this moment. Another Best Buy advertisement claims that the upcoming PS4, PS Vita bundle will be priced at $560. This will also include a copy of Borderlands for the PS Vita. It is a much better deal compared to the one posted in Amazon France because individually PS4 costs $540 and PS Vita costs $245 in Europe. Players are getting almost similar pricing with the bundle but if Sony decides to throw in a couple of games with this pack, it might become the best selling bundle for the company.

A Short Wait For E3

E3 2014 is very close by and if Sony has confirmed that they are all set to release a PS4 – PS Vita bundle, they will surely make an official announcement during the event. The release date for the same has been specified on July 4th in the Amazon France listing but no such information or bundle has been proposed so far in the North American version of Amazon. The E3 conference will be kicked off by Microsoft followed by EA and Ubisoft while Sony will be the last one to take the stage. All these conferences are scheduled to take place on the same day, June 9th.

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