iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 Will Come With Presence Sensors and Beats

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It seems that Apple will not come only with the Beats feature, but it will also deliver a new audio feature. According to some reports, Apple will come with some new headphones or maybe earbuds that will be able to detect if the user’s ear is nearby. This way, it will start playing audio files when the user’s ear is close enough.

“The Wall Street Journal” said that Dr. Dre will work for Apple for the hardware and music division. Apple has focused on getting back applications such as “cutting edge music” along with an improved audio experience, inaugurated on the first iPod. There are rumors which say that Apple wants to create a new brand name based on “Beats” and to fortify it in time.

In order to support this, they will come with a new audio device. It seems that Apple has been working on audio devices such as earbuds, which will come along with a set of sensors that will “detect” some information such as: temperature, pressure, acoustics, etc. These earbuds can appreciate if the user’s ear is close enough to hear the music.

The entitled patent is named “Electronic Devices and Accessories with Media Streaming Control Features”. With this invention, users will no loner interact with the device to manage the audio files.

Using Apple’s new invention – the ear presence sensors, your device will start or stop playing music everytime you take off or put on your headphones or earbuds.

Just a few months separate us from the release of the iPad Air 2 and the iPhone 6, and there is a high possibility that we might get these features on the new devices. For now, Apple did not confirm anything regarding these features.


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