Facebook Earning More than Expected from Ads

Facebook has surpassed Wall Street’s predictions when it comes to earning from advertisement revenues.

It saw a total of 82% increase in its revenue with the earnings almost tripling in the first quarter.

This is not the first time when Facebook has surpassed the predictions about its growth. Its major earning lies in mobile advertising because of its ever-increasing usage on various mobile devices. Almost 80 percent of Facebook’s users access it on portable gadgets giving a shot to its earnings through mobile advertising.

Facebook is the undisputed leader when it comes to the Social Network with its earnings standing at $642 million in the first quarter. Last year the same period had seen earnings of $219 million, which means the Facebook’s earnings have almost tripled in the last year.

Facebook Growth Statistics

Here are some statistics that make Facebook a Social Media Giant which is at the top of its game at the moment

1. Facebook showed adjusted earnings of $885 million in the first quarter of this year.
2. These numbers have seen a surge of 71 percent since 2013.
3. Facebook’s shares have climbed up to $63.71 during extended trading period.
4. In the first quarter, Facebook claimed the users who use Facebook at least once using their mobile phones has crossed the 1 billion mark.
5. The daily mobile logger’ statistics has reached to a number of 609 million.
6. The revenue generated by advertising stands at $2.27 billion.

These statistics clearly make Facebook the leader of the digital advertising media and the biggest competitor to Google. Experts say that the mobile usage and advertising on Facebook is likely to grow even further.

One of the major reasons behind Facebook’s success is its collaboration with data brokers. Facebook uses their data to combine it with their own user data. They generate ads using this collected information and have convinced their customers that the Facebook ads definitely help their sales.

Facebook is a hit because it has made everything easy. From connecting with friends to finding customers, every task from the minute to the monumental, has come under one roof. For companies it has become very easy to reach out to their consumer groups by maintaining individual lists.

Facebook has shown results that agree with their commitments. There has hardly been anything that they failed at. When they committed sales to businesses, they gave it to them, which further increased their popularity as an advertising medium.

It is almost ironic; what started as a college project is not only connecting people all over the world but has also become one of the strongest mediums of advertising. This quarter, for the company, has proven to be the highest grossing quarter under the guidance of the Finance Chief David Eberson. He is leaving the company in the month of June and will be replaced by David Wehner.

With this entire growth statistic in hand, can you guess what the leaving Chief has to say? He says “I am confident that Facebook’s best days lie ahead”. What more does Facebook need now? The answer will be revealed soon.

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