iPad Mini 2 vs iPad Air – Specifications, Features and Price Comparison

The world of technology has advanced to the next level. With new gadgets gushing into the market every day, people have been left perplexed to choose between various products.

The competitiveness between the companies in the tech world has left only one option between them, survival of the fittest. The better product you produce and launch into the market, the more chances of your staying in the lead. However, with a plethora of companies in the tech arena, one name surpasses all. This company has made an impression in the recent years and is still continuing to amaze people with its astounding products and gadgets.

Apple Inc. is one renowned name in the world market. The products produced by this company have given tough competition to other companies in the tech arena. However, with a huge list of products designed and launched by Apple Inc., an internal competition has started within the products of the company. Smartphone launched by Apple has reigned for many years in the mobile market. Taking a step further into technology, the introduction of tablets made life much easier for people. Apple Inc. had launched both iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air in the year 2013. Both these tablets have unique features. Some of their specifications are discussed in detail below.

  • Design, Dimensions, Display

This second generation iPad Mini 2 is a tablet computer that has a similar design as its predecessor iPad Mini. However, one noticeable and major change is the addition of Retina Display. It matches the screen resolution of a full-sized Retina iPad prototype. Another change is the discontinuation of the slate colored back panel that was introduced in first generation iPad Mini. It comes in space grey, with black and white color remaining the same as in its predecessor. iPad Mini 2 is smaller in dimensions measuring 200mm in height and 134.7mm in width. It is lighter and weighs 331gms only. iPad Mini has 200mm diagonal LED backlit IPS LCD screen.

On the other hand, iPad Air marks a major design change since the inception of iPad 2. It comes in thinner design with 7.5 mm thickness along with small screen same as iPad Mini. The new and improved front view camera is an asset to the product. It contains face detection, backside illumination, and has the capability to record 720p HD video. As its earlier products, Apple uses recyclable products and are free from harmful materials i.e., PVC and BFRs. iPad Air, when compared to iPad Mini, is bigger in dimensions measuring 240mm in height and 169.5mm in width. It is also heavier in weight than iPad Mini, weighing 469gms. iPad Air has 250mm color IGZO display.

  • Hardware and Software

iPad Mini 2 has hardware components similar to iPhone 5S. Its iOS 7 operating system is upgradable to iOS 7.1.1 and has an Apple A7 chipset. It has a dual-core processor with 1.3GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) CPU and Power VR G6430 (quad core graphics) GPU similar to that of iPad Air.

iPad Air has similar hardware and software components as that of iPad Mini 2. The battery provides talk time up to 10 hrs for both the tablets.

  • Price

There is a huge price difference between the two tablets. iPad Mini2 has a starting range of 21,900 INR for Wi-Fi models to 30,900 INR for models including both Wi-Fi and Cellular. However, the price range for iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi ranges from 35,900 INR to 65,900 INR for iPad Air 128GB that includes Wi-Fi and cellular services.

However, the launch of iPad Air did not see a huge turnout as expected for Apple products. The reason was the delayed release of the iPad Mini 2. Looking at the specifications, there is not much difference between the two. iPad Mini 2 sounds a reasonable purchase, but iPad Air is bigger and lighter along with better display features.


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