Instagram PC Changed While You Winked

If you think you know all about the software that you use on your PC, we don’t blame you.

While the companies change their products by the second, the users don’t have enough time to notice all the minute updates in the software. And that’s what this write up is here to provide. Today we bring you certain updates regarding Instagram PC that you might have missed out. So what are you waiting for? That a look at these, pal!

Addition of Many New Editing Tools

Recently, the company announced that Instagram PC users will soon be able to utilize innovative and creative tools that are developed for this app. There are approximately 10 new tools. These tools will offer assistance to fiddle with editing abilities like brightness, saturation, contrast and warmth. This new feature could be used on both iOS and Android. They are called Instgram’s “creative tools”! You will have to first select the filter, after which a new wrench icon will appear through which you can add different effects to your photographs. The new image processing tool could be accessed on version 6.0 of this app. Although these tools are new for this particular app, you may have used these tools before in several other apps. In a BlogSpot post, Instagram wrote regarding these new editing tools, “From brightening up a photo of your dinner party to better capture the warmth of a sunset portrait, these new creative tools help you bring out and share the beauty of the moment as you remember it—right inside the same simple Instagram you already know.”

Initially, Instagram provided only a limited number of post-processing special effects to its users similar to straightening, borders, etc. This move was made after Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Since then, Instagram has observed an enormous rise in photo sharing by its users, thereby increasing its popularity.

Now You Can Get Adidas and Instagram Together

This fall, you are about to witness an app that will allow you to design your Adidas shoes with one of your Instagram pictures! From your ex to your pet, anyone one can be at that honorable spot, on your shoes (NO PUN INTENDED)! It will be known as the “Photo Print App”. Adidas has planned to launch this feature for iOS and Android platform in August of this year. With its help, potential ZX Flux shoe customers could get any Instagram picture imprinted on their shoe top. There are a lot of speculations regarding this new app – like its processing time, price, etc but Adidas is not revealing much about it. So for the time being, get creative with your Instagram pictures and sit with your fingers crossed!

Some Bad News

Due to its increased recognition, it also has an increased risk of malware and viruses. For instance, Instagram’s fake “Image Viewer” is a malware. Jovi Umawing, an intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes, recently wrote that “In the case of Instagram, what we’ve seen out there could pose greater risk than, say, your average phishing site.” Therefore, you are advised to use a good protection against viruses and malwares on your phones, laptops or PCs.

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