WhatsApp vs Kik Messenger – Download Best Features Of Messaging Services

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The billion dollar acquisition was the highest one for this type of deal. How is it WhatsApp so special from other messaging services? The latest gossip has leaded on more questions than responses. While becoming one of the largest messenger applications in the entire world, WhatsApp has still been slowly to achieve a constant following in America. Thus, that is altering due to the current acquisition. Now we are going to take a look at what the WhatsApp is able to offer and we will make a short comparison between it and another messenger app, Kik Messenger. After that you will be able to determine which one suit you best.

It is notable that both of them are mainly for smartphones. The aim market is overseas of the US. For Whatsapp once you install this app and you insert our phone number, the contacts will be automatically added from your phone in your application, sparing your time to search for your friends. However, if you do not already have their mobile number, you will not find them in the app. This privacy enables to talk only with your contacts, which teoretically you are interested in chat with.

At this standpoint, Kik Messenger is completely in revers to the WhatApp because the app enables you to add names and find users ever if you don’t have their mobile number. These options make Kik messenger a chatting app and WhatApp a messaging one. The freedom of Kik app insures that any users will be comfy when adding friends and chatting.

The Kik provides some attractive features, including a browser attached that enables you to surf the web while you are chatting with your friends. This browser has some amazing functions like: applying memes, pictures, links or other things you found interesting on the internet directly from the browser in the conversation. Whereas, Whatsapp has more efficient group messaging that enables the users to share content with an entire group of people. Kik provides group chat likewise, but it is not as functional as the Whatsapp.

The cost of the two services differs likewise. Kik Messenger counts on in-app charges to make the service more profitable. Whereas the Whatsapp is totally free in the first year of usage and then you have to pay about $.99 for every next year. Though, Kik app provides a more youthful energy and feeling. By enabling users to simply access the internet memes, Kik has become an attraction for the younger users. Probably Kik’s users are pleased that they do not have to share too much content for getting to know a person. This is especially beneficial for meeting new people. On the other hand, Whatsapp is the more mature app, which is straight to chats. Whatsapp offers great functionality, with less whistles and bells. Its system is totally integrated and it provides a unique messaging experience. However, Whatsapp wins. It’s difficult to surpass the functionality and smoothness of Whatsapp with a large diversity of content. Both these services are going to continuously enhance for the future.

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