Nokia Lumia 530 – Specs And Features

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The Lumia series is without a doubt one of the most popular series by Nokia. Various models have been launched in this series and you can find phones spanning a wide budget. If you are looking for a budget phone that would be packed with smart features, the Nokia Lumia 530 seems to be a good option.

Lumia 530 is yet to hit the stores and following are the list of probable features likely to be a part of this handset.

The Speculated Features

This model is most likely going to feature a screen size of 4.3 inches. It will run on Windows 8.1, which is the latest version of the Windows operating system. There are reports that the phone will run on a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 200 chip.

The RAM offered by this model is going to be a little dismal as reports suggest that Lumia 530 may come with 512 MB of RAM. With so many apps available even in the Windows store, users may not be happy with the low multitasking speed.

The Changes in Design

As per the pictures that were leaked, it could be spotted that the phone will not have any front facing camera. This is a big blow to all those who love to video chat. Further, one could definitely see the lack of manual buttons. This will be the first time that Windows will feature on screen keys opposed to manual buttons.

Dual Sim Facility

These days, the dual sim facility seems to be a rage among users. With most people choosing to use two sim, having dual sim option makes it easier for people to handle multiple numbers. Lumia 530 will most likely come with dual sim feature.

The Final Verdict

Right now, it is difficult to give an accurate description of the exact features that the Lumia 530 will have. The main focus that Nokia has with this model is to target users who are looking for an affordable phone, even if it means compromising a bit on the features.

If you are looking for some brilliant high end specifications, this model is not meant for you. The main selling point of this model will be the new version of Windows.

It is ideal for those who want to use a Windows phone and have a limited budget at hand. The processor is definitely quick and will allow you to enjoy the games and even run concurrent apps. However, the limited RAM capacity might make things a little difficult.

We will have to wait until the formal release or even official company reports to ascertain the details of the exact features which this model will have. Right at the moment, we can conclude that Nokia Lumia 530 is likely to be one of those smart models which will cater to the masses.

It will lack the sharp brilliance which the high end Lumia models have to offer, but the budget at which it will be released makes it a fine pick.

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