How to Get Social Notice with Instagram

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Instagram is a social networking site which serves the social needs of everyone who is an active Internet user.

Humans are social animals by nature. But today’s fast-paced life leaves us with little time to be physically meeting friends and kin to catch up on their lives. Therefore, we take recourse to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more of their ilk to remain social in an otherwise busy life.

Instagram is a new idea on the block that is fast winning hearts, when we are talking of social networking. It allows us to stay connected with old friends and family members without actually meeting them. The idea of creating Instagram was to make the world smaller when it comes to social needs. Now, staying in touch with long lost friends and distant family members has become as easy as duck soup. Instagram particularly allows us to share photos and videos with our near and dear.

It was revealed on October 2010, by two enthusiastic software professionals, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This social platform became instantly famous with 100 million followers within 2 years. This number clearly indicates how much and in how many novel ways, today’s generation likes to socialize. The service was initially only available to Apple products which included iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch etc., but with its popularity growing, the android camera phone users were also allowed to use Instagram.

Getting Started with Instagram

Instagram users get an opportunity to introduce themselves with millions of followers from different parts of the world. Instagram keeps itself updated with latest technology and recently it upgraded itself with a beta for windows phone users. This latest technology will allow all windows 8 users a faster access to this social platform. Many celebrities and business tycoons depend on Instagram to stay connected. Want to know what’s happening around the world? Get Instagram.

The Instagram Insights

Why was this social networking tool, named Instagram? Well, this is one question that arises whenever people discuss the meteoric rise of this social app. Instagram is a name that is made with a combination of two words: Insta and Gram. Insta is derived from ‘instant camera’, while the ‘telegram’ is abbreviated as ‘gram’ here. This path breaking idea was the result of years of dedicated research by Kevin and Mike. Both decided to use their multi featured HTML 5 to mobile photography. The team was soon formed and their efforts started showing colors. January 2011 was the year when Instagram introduced the hash-tag which allowed the user to find their lost friends and photographs. The tool was highly appreciated and people started getting in touch with others who shared their tastes and wave-length.

Get Followed

Instagram, however, is not just a medium to find friends. The growing popularity has turned this medium into a market place where the businesses get their required visibility. They try and acquire Instagram followers. More followers mean more attention. People spend most of their time on Instagram and they keep an eye on the latest news and activities. Hence, the social media platforms like Instagram are considered the best marketing tools these days. You get noticed instantly. The best part is that it does not require the business or individual to be present there always. Instagram allows its users to post questions and speak their minds, which other users can read and then conclude their opinion about a product. Thus, your product or business gets automatically marketed. Instagram helps you know your market positioning because there are many discussions going on about your business, which you can silently tap into and use in your favor for future strategies.

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