Google Talk: A Feature-Rich Google Product

Google Talk is one of the oldest and most used chat messengers offered to the modern world of Internet users.

It comes from the technology giant Google, and comes packed with the Google Mail service. Therefore, it can be accessed directly from the mail home and it is available as a separate app that can be downloaded and installed. It was one of the first services of Google that received great recognition. It was widely used throughout the world as it easily synced with the Google Mail account, the most used mail service in the world. The revamped version of the Google Talk service is known as Google Hangouts. However, just the name has undergone a change while features remain the same, only more improved.

One thing that makes Google Talk a flagship service of Google is the array of features and technology that it packs in. These make it different from other similar services offered by Yahoo or Rediff. Google has been a market leader in terms of online technology and it lives up to its quality and brand name even in this segment of online networking. Google talk offers a great platform for sending instant messages and making calls to other people across the world. However, there are certain features that make it different from other apps, which have also been instrumental in its meteoric rise in the social networking market.

Share Your Music Option

Today, we are in the era of full-on social networking. Billions of people have access to social media sites and have an online presence. The craze for social media has grown by leaps and bounds and people want to be in contact with their loved ones in newer and smarter ways. Just as people update their statuses, let their preferences known, update their daily activities and thoughts, and upload pictures instantly, updating one’s music preference has also become a recent trend. Google Talk has successfully captured this potential and it allows people to share what they are listening to and updates their social accounts with their preference of songs and music. This helps in bypassing the cumbersome process of logging into the social media account and updating the status, which can be easily done from the Google Talk interface. Therefore, this feature is a unique one and it has attracted many people to create accounts in Google and share their music on Gtalk.

Unlimited File Exchange

This is possible only in Google. Google Talk allows you to exchange any file or folder with anyone around the world, irrespective of the file size or length. Unlike the mails that have an upload limit and other messengers that allow files to be sent individually, Google Talk allows the users to send any number of files, all at once. This is a great feature as any amount of data can easily be sent from one place to another, without worries about the load or size. Not surprising then that Google Talk has been welcomed by so many corporates and other officials, who need to swap bulk data regularly and need to do so in a secure manner.

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