GTA 5 PC Version Will Have Better AI, Resolution and Video Editor

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The actual release date for GTA 5 PC is quite far, because it will most probably land in the month of October or November.

Steam listing claims that it will launch in the fall of 2014 and various other sources claim multiple release dates but we just can’t confirm until it shows up on their listing. But, there are few things that have been confirmed. As you know by now, the PC version of the game is going to look extremely gorgeous and even if it doesn’t meet expectations, there are always loyal mods in the forums that will do it for you. Rockstar games, the developers of the most hyped title of recent times confirmed that the new version will feature improvised AI for characters, higher density of pedestrians on roads and advanced weather changes which will make full use of the PC hardware. After all, most hardcore gamers who love the custom built rigs, own current hardware that can even run the game at 4K resolutions. A brief Steam listing details all the above mentioned features and many more. It has also been confirmed that an exclusive video editor mode will be available on the platform.

Create Your Own Action

The video editor mode is going to be a hit on the PC because GTA 5 has all the elements in it to allow creative minds to make their own movies. People have already worked and did their best on PS3 as well as Xbox 360 consoles to recreate classic scenes such as the one from the Terminator. With the power of the keyboard and mouse, you can be assured that YouTube will be full of such movies created in the Grand Theft Auto world once the game launches. Apart from this video editor, the listing description also talks about new wildlife which will be part of the game.

As you know by now, the map size of the new iteration of GTA is five times the size of San Andreas and will allow ample space to explore in any favorite vehicle of your choice. You will be able to go on a wildlife safari and even bring your own pet to your home. We can’t confirm at the moment, on what kind of wildlife will be added to the game, which is already huge in its most diluted version, but it’s definitely going to be a pleasant surprise.

Online Mode and Jobs

GTA Online is an important addition to GTA 5 that enhanced the multiplayer experience of the game. The feature will be part of the PC version as well and will be available to play without additional costs. It is much more streamlined than its older versions. Players have been enjoying this immensely on their older consoles with heist mode among many others. All the updates that have landed on the old gen console so far will be available on PC on launch date. Players will also be able to carry over their multiplayer progression stats from PS3/ Xbox 360 to Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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