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If you secure the OS of your device with an antivirus program, you will be able to protect it from many potentially severe security risks.

There are many free as well as paid antivirus programs that offer benefits by scanning your device for virus and other malware.

Real Time Scanning

A good antivirus program can scan the files as they enter the system. They offer a shield for the system by presenting a real time scanning facility. When the antivirus program is able to detect a virus or an infected program, it will delete it immediately or it will move it to a quarantine folder. When the particular file is quarantined, it will not be able to react with other files or with the rest of the stuff in your computer.

Boot Time Scanning

You can give a command for boot time scanning in the antivirus program. There are certain viruses that are very strong or very sophisticated, so even if they are detected when the operating system is being used or active, they are able to duplicate or replicate themselves when deleted. In such cases, the boot time scan can save you a lot of issues. By initiating this scan, the antivirus program shuts down the Windows OS and starts the computer going again. The hard drive is completely scanned for viruses or any other type of malware. As the OS has been deactivated, the viruses cannot escape deletion.

Scanning Individual Folders

Sometimes, you might want to open a particular file or a folder, but you may not be sure about its safety aspects. With the help of a free or paid antivirus program, you can scan the folder or the program and then start interacting with it. This can protect you from invasions by viruses or Trojans. This is very important while downloading files from the Internet or if you receive files from parties that you may not absolutely trust.

Offering Protection

There are many viruses that can use your computer to be a relay for different types of malware. If you don’t have a proper antivirus program, you could be sending such viruses to others whom you contact. Your sensitive information might also get loaded with infected computers or networks. Such networks are termed as botnets and are specifically good at stealing your credit card numbers as well as other sensitive and valuable information, which can then be sent to third parties and criminal parties. One such virus is the Conficker.

A Lifesaver

Installing an antivirus program in your computer is very important and can be a savior for your data and files. Viruses can destroy the operating system of your computer, destroy the data and make your device completely worthless. The CPU is the heart of the computer and it needs to be protected from such viruses. Anti virus programs can also protect you against hackers, who attempt to illegally wreck havoc on your computer and try to get valuable and personal information, which could be your credit card number, bank accounts or any other sensitive data. By doing this, they can get access to your financial activities and use your account or lending money or for other financial transactions. A good antivirus program is a must, as it can prevent such hackers from connecting with your data through the Internet.

Increasing Cost Efficiency

Using anti virus programs will also help enhance the performance of your machine and improve its cost efficiency. Though there are some antivirus programs that are quite costly, there are also many free ones that you can download. These can help in increasing the lifetime and the usage of your device, by giving protection to the software and the hardware and protecting it from harmful viruses.

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