Google Hangouts – An Efficient Video Conferencing Solution

Google hangouts is not much far behind in the race to be the best social networking app.

Rather, it is one of the top apps used for communicating and video conferencing in this highly evolving technology market. Google hangout has revamped the way video conferencing takes place by providing absolutely free call and video solutions to its users, besides offering a very efficient instant messaging app. It has greatly helped in bridging the distances between individuals around the world by making communications simpler and cheaper.

Group Video Conferencing Option

This is a unique feature offered by Google hangouts. It allows multiple users to video chat together at the same time, thereby allowing multiple people to remain connected and talk from various parts of the globe. This feature has brought many families closer as in the globalized world, people stay far apart for work or for personal reasons. It has become easier to remain connected with all members of the family through the group video chat feature offered by Google hangouts. Plus, this feature is available absolutely free of cost, making it a favorite among students and adults alike, who are separated by geographical distance and cannot afford prolonged conference calls over the telephone. The only downside to it is that the communication solely depends on the signal quality of the internet connection in the respective computers or mobile phones. The better the connection, the better is the quality of communication.

Easy-to-use Mobile App

Google hangouts has successfully made itself available to a large number of users by virtue of its mobile platform which imitates the features that hangouts has in the PC version. The mobile app is compatible with almost all smartphones that are available in the market presently. It can be synced with the phonebook and easily imports contacts from other sites and accounts. This makes it easy to handle bulk contacts. The video calling and instant messaging features work as perfectly in the phone version as they do in the computer version. This has made Google hangouts a segment leader in providing video conferencing solutions. It has a very smooth platform and the streaming quality is great as it requires very less data usage. This allows users to use the app even on the go and from any place in the world as most people today are equipped with a smartphone.

Group Chat Option

Like group conferencing, the group chat option is also another unique feature, which makes Google hangouts today’s favorite. The group chat option allows multiple users to form a group in the messenger and then send messages to each other in a single window. Imagine three childhood buddies catching up on a lazy Sunday afternoon from three parts of the world; the group chat option gives them the chance to do that to their heart’s glory, without spending a dime. This is also helpful in a work group when important things have to be told to a group at once. One doesn’t need to send each one a separate message. Makes life a lot easier, anytime. And faster too!

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