iPhone 5S – Gorgeous Specs and Features Review

When Apple released iPhone 5S, it created a huge stir among users.

Too many people were excited and immediately, there were comparisons between iPhone 5C and 5S. There is no doubt about the fact that iPhone 5S was hailed to be one of the best models launched by Apple so far. Here, we will take a look at the features it has to offer.

The External Design and Display

One of the first points which people analyze is the external design and display. iPhone 5S comes with a 4 inch display. It has a cutting edge aluminum frame with sharp edges and the design is light and brilliant. Apple is one of those brands that is known for stunning assembly and sharp designing features. It is pointless to add that iPhone 5S manages to live up to the hype too.

The display that you get in this model is immaculate. It has a resolution of 1136 x 640 and a ppi of 326. No doubt, you have a whole range of better displays out there in the market, but given that iPhone 5S comes with a 4 inch screen, the display is bright and eclectic.

The Operating System

When we are reviewing the performance of an iPhone, we definitely need to talk about the operating system. It was launched on iOS 7, but with the release of iOS 8 round the corner, one can expect the upgrade to be done shortly.

iOS 7 in itself brought about significant changes and iOS 8 plans to take it a step further. You will get new health apps on your phone and the user interface will show some remarkable changes too.

This model comes with an A7 chip which claimed to revolutionize the speed with which phones operate. It runs on 64 bit processor and thus the phone can drive in more power and thereby carry out better functionalities as well. It also has an M7 chip that comes in handy when you are carrying out different kinds of operation like burning calories and jogging.

Camera Clarity

If you are looking to capture some of the best shots, it pays to know that iPhone 5S comes with an 8 MP sensor which does offer stunning performance and output. It has an f/2.2 aperture which allows you to capture decent shots even in low light. While it would be wrong to say that iPhone 5S offers the best camera in the budget, it still gives you a pretty decent performance.

The Final Verdict

Overall, one can conclude that with iPhone 5S, Apple manages to live up to its reputation. 5C, which was released along with this model turned out to be dismal and failed to materialize the expectations which people had from it.

iPhone 5S with its smart set of features and attractive design does deserve the tag to be hailed as the smartest iPhone launched by Apple. While Apple prices it products at premium, they are worthy every single penny you spend on them.

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