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Temple Run 2 is available for free download on many mobile devices. The sequel to the popular Temple Run original game, offers all the features of the original, plus more. Similar to the original game, here too, you need to swipe controls as well as turn, run or jump. The player does all these actions as he explores a floating temple. However, the path in this sequel is much more than just right angle turns, with many dips, rises as well as jogs. This makes the sequel much more interesting with better visuals than the original. Additional transportation means are also added along with zip lines. These can go down the mine cart sections, where the player has to lean from one side to another. He has to also take fast rides on underground rails.

The original game takes place in a South American temple in a fictitious location. Here, the protagonist is desperately running to escape from a crowd of monkeys chasing him. The sequel, Temple Run 2, is more interesting taking the setting to a city located above the clouds. In this sequel, the runner has to escape a gigantic gorilla.


The controls are almost the same and can be learnt very soon. When you drag to the left or the right, the character will move around the track. He can pick up coins on the way or escape hazards. With a hard swipe, you can make a 90-degree turn. If you wish to duck under obstacles, you need to swipe down. By swiping up, you can make a jump over the pits and so on. However, whatever you do, you cannot afford to slow down in this game, as the chaser is always close by.

Improvement in Graphics

The biggest change in the sequel when compared to the original Temple Run is the graphics. The graphics have been upgraded with excellent visuals. As the player goes through the twisted paths, he will notice fire hazards that look absolutely realistic. Along with this, there are rotating grinders that are realistically animated, to offer a more lifelike experience.


The Temple Run 2 offers four characters that the player can unlock. Each of these characters has special capabilities as well as individual upgradeable paths. As you run along the path, you will find many power ups as well. These could be magnets that help you suck the coins towards the player. You will also find shields that help protect you and shield you temporarily, even running and turning for you. In addition, there are green gems enabling the player to continue running even after death. However, this will increase the cost when you go on the same run.

In-App Purchases

Just like Temple Run original, the Temple Run 2 is also a free game, but there are options for making in app purchases. One can buy more gems through the app store, so that players who want to spend money can continue the game and remain at the top. This is a natural part of most of the mobile games available these days, though it does not seem a very fair system.

Temple Run 2 goes all the way to offer an enhanced and improved experience to the original and is an excellent sequel. The graphics have been improved and additional obstacles have been added. The new characters are unique and the power-ups are really useful for the runner. The game requires devices having at least a RAM of 1 GB.

Temple Run 2 can be fun if you take it in short doses. The missions as well as the level structures are good but it comes after a very long time, with the carrot coming at the end of a very long string.

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